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Back to School Food Safety

It’s time to pull out the backpacks and clean the lunch boxes as children head back-to-school this month. Packing safe lunches for school and for work is critically important.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Healthy lunches for school can be quick and easy. Here are some of our dietitians favorite lunch box meals that are easy to make. We included a few ideas on making lunch fun for the kids along. Have the kids color in the pictures and post it in your kitchen for easy reference!

Healthy Snacks

Snacks are important part of a growing childʼs diet. Healthy snacks give children extra calorie and nutrients between meals. Skip a pre-packaged snack food and have some fun with your child. Here are a list of healthy snack ideas that are easy to make and kids can help with!

Chef Solus’ Favorite Family Grocery Shopping Tips

Top 7 tips for making grocery shopping a healthy experience for children.

Being Active

Children need to be active for 60 minutes on most days of the week to maintain good health and fitness. Activity can be accumulated throughout the day. Even blocks of time as short as 15 minutes or more can count towards kids’ daily activity goal.


Calcium is so important for growing bones and healthy teeth. To keep kids healthy, they need 1-3 servings of milk or calcium rich foods.


As a parent, you can help influence your child’s attitudes and behaviors towards physical activity. The CDC guidelines state that children and adolescents should be active for 60 minutes or more daily. Finding a variety of enjoyable activities that blend aerobic activity with both muscle and bone strengthening aspects is a great way to get started.
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