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Our visitors’ opinions are very important to us. We have visitors that are parents, teachers, nurses and more. Read how our visitors and members are using our free nutrition education website to help their kids and families make nutrition an important part of their daily lives.

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As a nurse and mother of three kids this site appealed to me right away. It is a fun and educational way of getting kids to make good decisions when eating.
Tracyhenderson Carlsbadsprings, Canada


I love the idea / concept of teaching the family about healthy eating habits. When you make things fun, simple and interactive children are more inclined to learn.
Thebrassmonkee Newberg, OR
I'm not a kid but this is fun! I am a nutritionist and I know people do have interest in finding out more about what they eat and how to get healthier with the food they eat. I think this is absolutely fanTASTIC. You can bet I'm passing THIS along!
Bshowell Beltsville, MD
Wow, what an awesome resource for teachers and parents. I am really impressed with the depth and broad range of information. I have sent it to all my co-teachers and my district tech coordinator. I am having it linked to our district webpage so all the parents have access too!
I absolutely love this site! I am a nursing student, and I like to make things understandable to my two young children, and this site explains things with great photos and fun characters that makes my children interested in learning! FIVE STARS!
Great website in that it can make children see how to eat, exercise, and be healthy individuals. I love that the kids can learn and play at the same time. The reports are really nice as well. It lets the parents know what the child has learned to help reinforce. Also it is great it is in Spanish and English. Terrific.
Nourish Interactive is a well put-together site, with info for kids and adults alike. I HIGHLY recommend this site for all parents, and even people without children, as a way to upgrade their eating habits.
Namhla Banks, OR


Looks like a fun way to make kids more aware of proper nutrition. It's easy to navigate and quite informative!
I think that this website is a great website. I like the games a lot. They are very fun to play and educational as well. I think this is a great website for parents and their children to explore together and to learn more about how to have a good nutritional diet.
I have just started teaching my kids, ages 2 and 4 about the food pyramid. They are very interested into each food grouping. I found this site to be very entertaining and a great teaching tool for them.
Slware Sparks Glencoe, MD
I LIKE How you can put the age and activity of child and it gives you the daily calorie count that is very helpful to me for my kids...thanks
Trenella Niota, TN
Finally, a kid-friendly site that helps children learn about nutrition and fitness. It was super easy to navigate and had a ton of information. I can totally see kids of all ages using the site to find out about healthy food choices and fun exercise activities.
I love this website! I am a Kindergarten teacher and this is something that I will use in my classroom as well as at home with my son! I think that it is wonderful that a fun interactive website teaching nutrition is available for free!
Rachelibrown Emory, TX


Great information and my 8 year old loved it also! I even learned about salt intake.
Thesbarroqueen Macomb MI
I am going to sign all of my grandchildren up for this site. They are always coming over to get online and what a wonderful way to teach them about nutrition and how eating properly benefits their bodies. Eating Green too!!!!!
I really enjoyed the website!!! It is so nice to see something so positive for children to encourage them to eat right, and that it is so colorful and full of fun for them as well. They made learning to eat right fun. I love the many mediums of awareness regarding the proper eating strategy!!!! I feel they did a bumper job!!! I would recommend this site to all my friends with children!!!
triciapooh737 Carbondale, IL
I love this site. What parent doesn't want to teach their child about nutrition and here the kid's get to play a great game and don't even realize they maybe learning something too. It's Free too. And they send you a report so you know exactly what your child has accomplished. I'm this happy and I'm the Grandparent not the parent but just happy my grandson's will be learning something good playing on this site!
MaryLuAnne Davie, FL
I think that this game is a very effective way of teaching children to eat healthy. It teaches children what healthy foods are, what a balanced diet is, and how they should exercise as well as eat healthy. This game is a fun way to learn about healthy eating. I feel that children should be able to play this in school to teach about health.
amburton Bridgewater, VA
What a great idea! My sons are 4 years old and starting to show interest in video games more and more. As a parent it is difficult to know what games are too violent and so on. This is a great alternative. We already talk to our kids about what foods make you healthy and which foods do not. They are able to identify which foods have good sugar and which have bad sugar. This would reinforce what we have been teaching them about good eating habits.
Trennys Cincinnati, OH


Love this site and so does my 3 yr old!! So much fun!
Shaejay280 Weed, CA
This is a great site for kids!! Highly recommend it! It teaches kids on how to eat right and fun doing it too! Its also free to everyone and I find it safe, I will recommend this to all my friends with small kids and teens too and I have learned from it as well.
camp1335b9 Arnprior, Canada
Great free website to teach kids about healthy eating and exercise. I'm going to use this in my classroom. I appreciate that the students have to listen to the entire information being read and not just click to skip.
Shopgirl78 Macomb, MI
A creative, interactive approach to some proven concepts of nutrition. As a father of a month-old child, I read with interest the "parents" area. It's a site I'll refer back to (and others to).
Jrinnert Lawrence, KS
I thought this site for parents and their children is very educational. My little girl can’t play the games completely by herself but with my help she is able to point to different things on the screen. It really kept her attention for a long time and that is a rarity. The only negative I have is that some of the games are a little slow otherwise I would recommend it to anyone with kids.
I found Nourish Interactive very educational. I started out trying it myself but as soon as my 8 year old daughter came around the corner and heard and saw what i was doing she had to have a piece of the action...We try to eat health but we all lead busy lives around here and its not easy to do. Being only 8 years old was helping her to learn how to eat healthy. The other games were fun too.
Pattycakes21959, Taylor, MI


I think it's a really informative game. My four year-old loves it. She cried when I turned it off. It keeps kids interested in important ways to eat. We will visit the site again.
angry_elf Titusville, FL
This site is very interesting for both me and my children. My 5 year old was actually interested in playing the games, even after he found out there was no shooting...LOL. Maybe it's my computer, but I wasn't getting any sound on the games. If there is supposed to be sound, it would be more exciting for the kids. After my son played he asked me what was for dinner and I told him. He wanted to see the food pyramid again to make sure I was feeding him right. Kids are cute aren't they?
Msbabypug Bellefontaine, OH
I have used this site in the past. I am a special needs teacher and this site is great for classroom use. I have received many ideas from it and the kids enjoy the games. I have shown it to my own kids and although they are a bit older then the target age they enjoyed the games and admit they did learn a bit from it.
momtown Carver, MA
This site was really cool and can be a great resource for parents and children who are looking to make healthier choices. The site is well organized, easy to understand, and interactive. Most health sites are boring, and don't allow the user to enjoy what they are doing or trying to do. Nourish Interactive is different. Colorful, games, graphics, ideas...what else can a person ask? Although I really don't need this website, I know many people who would utilize it. Thanks Frogpond for a great suggestion!
Maryjaa West Windsor , NJ
I love it! My daughter is currently studying the food pyramid in school. Her teacher actually gave her a different website to go to play games for re-enforcement. This game looks a lot more interesting. I can't wait for my daughter to have to chance to play on it. (And I love the fact that she doesn't have to lose her spot in the game when she has to quit. She can come back later and finish.)
My son and I explored together. He found the colors and sounds very inviting and is looking forward to playing with the Chef soon. I liked the polls and the facts about breakfast. As a teacher, I am constantly telling my middle school students to eat breakfast. I may refer them to the page or we may go the computer lab and check it out together!
loribc1989 Thonotosassa FL


My 9 yr. old son absolutely loves this site. He plays the game at least once a week (we have computer game limits, so that's a lot) I also launched a new eating program with our family that adds more nutritious foods to our diet, and he's really learning things from this game. He is able to tell me if I've included all the food groups in our menu and has been getting more active too! I highly recommend this site.
Sbredal Highland Lakes, NJ
This is a fantastic idea for parents struggling to achieve a balanced diet in their children's lives. Food is inevitably a battle parents fight with children at some point in their life. They either don't want to eat, they don't want to eat what's good for them, or they eat too much and/or too much of the wrong things. Achieving balance is a constant struggle. This is a fantastic idea all the way around. Games to help teach the children about nutrition so they will be in the know. Also, I love the other parent tools, like free printouts for setting goals with their children and hanging on the refrigerator. Also I liked the printables for bringing to your children's Dr's and I like the fact that they have them for all ages, including teens. If we can teach our children to eat right, they will have less problems as adults, less weight problems as well as health issues, so this is a fantastic idea that has been a long time in coming.
Swatson99 Notasulga, AL
Having 2 small children of my own and trying to teach them how to be healthy, I found this site amazing. It really helps reinforce the principles of healthy eating that are sometimes difficult to just explain with words. My daughter really enjoyed playing some of the games on the site.
Wvdalejrfan Greenup, KY
This site is SO CUTE! I have a third grader and a fifth grader and they will LOVE this site. It's fun while still giving the kids a bit of an education about nutrition. Best of all it's free for kids to join. I really like this site!
Mommy2two143 Pomona, NY
LOVE IT!!!! I am a mom of three young kiddos so anything that will help them eat better and give me ideas to get them to eat them is a wonderful thing!!!!!!
Becks2turtlebaby Reno, NV


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