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Advice On How To Ensure Your Child Is Getting Essential Nutrients









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Children require specific nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in order to grow healthy and develop a strong immune system. They can get most of the nutrients through a balanced healthy diet made of fresh foods from each of the food groups.

But recent studies have shown that most children are low in these essential nutrients: Vitamins: A, C, D and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium,fiber  Our dietitians have written up some special tips to help you make sure your child is getting the proper amount of these nutrients.

For The Kids:  You can also find games, stories and activities for promoting healthy choices to children in the fun kids nutrition section.

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The Importance Of Nutrients In A Healthy Diet For Families

Nutrients are the components of food that our body needs to grow, fight disease, and provide energy. It supports all the body systems, organs and functions that keep your body healthy and strong. The body gets most of its nutrients from food. Learn what makes a nutrient as our nurse breaks it down for you in a simple-to-understand way.

Guide For Parents To Find Foods Highest In Calcium For Children

Healthy calcium rich food for kids -Discover new high calcium food ideas and alternatives to dairy foods for children with our high calcium foods chart.

Daily Calcium And Vitamin D Requirements For Children For Healthy Bones And Teeth

Childhood calcium requirements - table displaying the daily requirements to build strong and healthy bones

Parent Information - Why Children Need Calcium

Children need calcium rich foods to grow strong bones, yet many kids are not eating enough high calcium foods to meet the daily requirements

Foods High In Calcium For The Vegetarian or Vegan Child

Find the healthy foods high in calcium for the vegetarian and vegan child that ensure healthy bone growth and teeth.

Sneaking probiotics into your child's diet

Wondering how to get your child eating probiotics to enhance the stomach's digestive system. This article will discuss how to incorporate probiotics into your child's diet through food.

How much fiber does your child need?

Learn about the recommended daily fiber requirements for children-kids' daily fiber needs chart, tips on how to increase high fiber foods in kids' meals, high fiber whole grains- fruits and vegetables food list, printable fiber foods fact sheets, charts and fun family activities. Dietary Fiber Needs For Children

Guide To Fiber Rich Foods For Your Family

Grains that are not processed are high in fibers. But other foods also offer healthy fiber that your child needs. Our dietitians have made it easy for you to find the foods high in fiber from legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables. It is easier than you think to find foods high in fiber! Get the list.

Got Milk? Dealing with a Lactose Intolerant Child

This article delves into what having a lactose intolerant child means, as well as how to ensure they are getting the best nutrition possible regardless.

Understanding the Importance Of Dietary Fiber

Fiber has mounting research that shows we need to have fiber in our diet every day to fight off disease and promote overall well-being. Eating high fiber foods is a healthy habit for kids to form at a young age that will benefit throughout their lives. Learn about the health benefits of fiber and its importance to your child's diet.

How organic is your milk?

You want to choose organic milk but there seems to be so many variations. How do you know the best organic dairy product to choose? Our dietitian has a nice overview of the differences in organic dairy. Knowing the differences in your organic dairy.

Protein, Calcium, and Iron sources for Vegetarian Families

If your child or family has recently decided to follow a vegetarian diet, you may be feeling a little lost with what to do in the kitchen. Everyone has different reasons for vegetarianism, but regardless of the reason, it’s important to know what to eat to make sure you’re not missing out on the essential nutrients found in animal products, including protein, calcium, and iron.

TIps for Parents -How to Increase your Child's Daily Iron

Some children do not eat enough iron and feel weak and tired. Tips for increasing your child's iron intake. Positive food tips to encourage children to eat more iron rich foods,

How Much Iron Does Your Child Need

Low iron levels in children can lead to anemia. Iron deficiency is more common among babies, toddlers and preschoolers simply because their increased iron needs may not be met by their dietary intake. Learn the dangers of too much or too little iron in a child's diet. How much iron does your child really need?

Foods high in iron

There are two different forms of dietary iron, one from animals and one from plants. Learn the foods that are very good in iron compared to those that are ok sources of iron for our child's meal plan.

Foods High in Iron for the Vegetarian or Vegan Child

Iron is an important part of any child's diet. This is a nutrient that vegetarian and vegan children must take special care to ensure they get enough in their meals to prevent sickness. Tips on ensuring this nutrient is in your vegetarian or vegan child's meal plan.

How To Add More Fiber To Your Family's and Child's Diet

Most children do not get enough fiber in their diet. In fact, most adults don't either. But with a little planning, you can easily add more fiber to your family's meals. Read our specific tips on adding more fiber to specific meals and snacks.

Fiber and Your Child: How To Increase Fiber At Every Meal

So how do you make sure you child is getting enough fiber? Through some simple changes in your meal planning, you can easily improve the amount of fiber your child eats with high fiber foods. This article will give you specific facts and tips to help you increase your child fiber intake. Helpful tips on how to easily boost your child's fiber intake.

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

You might be surprised to know that many children don't get enough vitamin D and calcium. They are both very important because they work together to create bones and healthy teeth. Is Your Child Getting Enough Calcium?

List Of Risk Factors For Osteoporosis

You may be wondering why we have osteoporosis listed in this section. The reason is that it can be prevented by building strong bones. Strong bones are built during childhood by getting enough calcium, vitamin D and weight bearing exercise. List of risk factors for osteoporosis.
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