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We also have special features just for you when you sign up.


Benefits Just for our Members

Become a member of Nourish Interactive and you will have access to all of our fun, interactive educational features!  Our membership is free and open to everyone.  Nourish Interactive made that promise a long time ago and we are happy to say that we have kept it! 

Joining Nourish Interactive as an active member shows your commitment to children's nutrition but it also gives you special access to our most popular features!

My Page

When you sign up as a member, a special page is created just for you!  On this page, you will find your personal information that is unique just to you.  It is here, where you can:

  • add a child
  • create a group/class and add students to your group
  • quickly see what children and groups you have created under your membership
  • see the points you have earned which can mean prizes you could win
  • give your kids/students or your entire class points as rewards (points kids can use to play more nutrition games)
  • see the special Chef Solus seals you have earned which enters you into contests
  • edit your profile
  • change your password
  • edit one of your children's profile
  • manage your newsletter options
  • choose your avatar
  • see your favorite apples - your Top Picks!
  • add organizations from our directory
My Page" link is conveniently located at the top right hand side of website and in the first row of our navigation bar on the left hand side of page.  

Add Children Members

For children to play all our games and enjoy all our special features, they need to be members.  Membership for children is free.  However, children need to be signed up by a grown-up member.  Once you become a member, you can sign up as many children as you want.

If you want to sign up your own kids to play click on My Kids and then New Child?  to sign them up.

If you would like to sign up a class or group of children, then first click on My Groups to create a group/class then add children to that group by clicking on "Add Children"


Top Picks Organize and Save Tool

The apples are always found at the top of the tree!  We want to help you easily organize your favorite apples!  We have hundreds of free printables, tools and games that you may be using to teach the children in your life about healthy habits.  Whether you are a teacher, afterschool leader, daycare provider, parent or grandparent, we want to make it easy for you to find the tools you use most.  Now you can do just that!

We all have our Top Picks, pages that we use often or want to be able to find again because it has just what we were looking for! We call that our apples!   Anytime you find a page with a free printable, tool, article game, recipe or a webpage that you want to save, just click on the "Top Picks" button located at the top of every page.  When you click on the Top Picks button, you can add the feature to your basket and label it.

For example, you might want to organize some print materials, games and articles for a special class you are teaching.  Every time you teach that class, just sign in and go to your My Page to find the tools you have saved.  It is that easy.

If you have other websites that you want to include in your basket, you can do that too.  Just click on the "Top Picks" button and add the url for that special webpage that you want to include in your basket.  Make as many baskets as you need.

If you have put together a great basket that you want to share with other members who might be looking for the same things, you can share it with our members.  You have the choice to keep your basket private or share it.  You can always change your privacy settings later.   

All your baskets with your favorite "apples" are saved and organized for you on your "My Page"

Learn more about using the My Picks Organizer Tool



Have a great recipe that you want to share with our member?  As a member, you can add as many recipes as you want to our recipe database so other families and educators can find great recipes for kids.


Share Your Opinion

As a valued member, we want to hear from you.  You can comment on pages and rate our features, tools and games.



We use gravatar as a default.  If you have already created a gravatar, it will automatically show up for you.  However, if you don't, feel free to choose one of our healthy friends as your avatar.

Earn Points

Every time you use the website, you will be earning points.  We want to reward you for all your work in helping children eat and be healthier.   When you earn points, you are automatically entered into any existing active contests.  Our way of saying "thank-you".
Reward your children by giving them points!  They can unlock new nutrition games.


We have contests and giveaways every quarter.  In order to enter, you must be a member.  
Read more information on Nourish Interactive healthy giveaways and contests.

Viewing Your Child or Student's Online Stickerbooks

Every child member can enjoy our stickerbook collection.  When a child under your membership creates a stickerbook, you have the option of viewing just their stickerbooks.  

If you are a teacher, just log in and go to the kids stickerbook page and you can filter the stickerbooks so you only view just your group or class' stickerbooks.  This makes it easy and quick for you to review just the stickerbooks you are most interested in, your children or students.


Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game

For those organizations still using the My Pyramid or want to introduce the food groups using this adventure game, you can. Once you have signed up for a free membership, your child will log in to begin using the game. It is designed to save your child’s game’s progress, so your child will begin play at that last level completed.

Once inside he/she will have lots of fun exploring secret passageways and other mystical surroundings. Using animation, Chef Solus will guide your child through challenges, storylines, clues and obstacles. All the while, your child will be learning about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Your child will have so much fun, they will be enticed to play again and again.See your child's or student's progress through the game as they learn about each of the food groups and the balance between food and exercise.  
Note: Teachers: you can print parent handouts and children's certificates.
Just look at the grid for the chef Solus Game under "My Kids" or "My Groups" in your "My Page" and click on the level for that child.

healthy game for kids

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