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We are web based company that is dedicated to supporting parents by providing them with useful information to help them improve their families health and educating children about the importance of nutrition and exercise.

We believe in the power of prevention and that starts by investing in our children's health today. We acknowledge and support the key roles of both the parents and the health educators.

As an organization, we value hard work, honesty and fun. These are key elements in everything we do.

We are very proud to share our Showcase page of national and local organizations that link to us and share our resources with their members. You may also want to read our Visitor Comments and hear how our resources are helping families and children every day.

Mission Statement

Nourish Interactive’s mission is to offer fun, innovative solutions that empower children to make healthy choices. We support parents and teachers with free interactive games and tools that promote a healthier lifestyle.

A message from the Nourish Interactive

Dear Nourish Interactive Visitor,

This website was founded by a team of angel investors who want all children to live full, healthy lives.  Our marketing director was an ICU nurse for many years. During that time, she cared for many types of patients that had life altering experiences. But she can remember being extremely touched by the young teenagers who suffered with morbid obesity and were voluntarily having gastric bypass surgery. This is major surgery in which the stomach is physically altered. It was her passion that brought us together.

After extensive research, we discovered that childhood obesity was part of a growing population. There certainly were no easy answers. But the one thing we learned from healthcare experts was that the best solution was prevention. So in May 2005, Nourish Interactive Inc was formed and wembegan developing this website.

Our website uses interactive video game technology to teach children about the importance of nutrition and exercise. We feel that children need characters and stories that will engage them during the learning process. Our goal is to have every child not only learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle but think it is fun. A topic they enjoy and want to learn about.

Funding Sources

Nourish Interactive has been predominantly funded by its founders because of their commitment and belief in the importance of early nutrition education. Other funding support includes clearly market advertisements and sponsorships from private, public and nonprofit organizations.  We also license out our characters to like-minded healthy oriented companies.  Advertisements are only allowed on the adult pages and not on the kids section of the website.

Meet Our Partners

We work with some wonderful organizations to promote healthy eating. We are proud to introduce our Partners.







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