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About Our Free Online Nutrition Games For Children


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Parents Role                                  Educators Role

We are excited to introduce you to a new, fun way to teach children about nutrition.  We realized that in order to teach children healthy habits, we needed to keep them engaged by making the whole experience fun.

We already know that kids enjoy computer games.  So we thought, "why not take a little of that computer time and turn it into healthy learning time!" 


About Our Game Creators

Our games are developed by nurses and dietitians who are passionate about healthy children.  Our clinical team works closely with professional instructional designers and educational game developers to create nutrition games that promote healthy habits!

We have designed games that teach children through exploration, decision-making and fun.  Our games and stories promote the importance of nutrition and exercise using positive messaging.   

We use:

  • health-minded characters as our spokespersons 
  • games and stories as our teaching material
  • points, avatars and virtual rewards as our motivators


We believe kids should learn without distractions from ads on a webpage.      You won't find any banner or text ads! 

Kids Section - No Ad Zone

We have a special, visually engaging section of our website designed just for kids.  We created a special place, called Solusville, where our characters live and demonstrate how much fun it is to be healthy, eat healthy and be active every day.  We are proud to say that our children's section is an advertising free zone

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Children enter the land of Solusville where they will find many online nutrition games, nutrition tools and activities.   Each of our games are designed to promote healthy choices.  This includes our most popular 7-level video game "Chef Solus and the Pyramid Adventure Game!"

See a complete list of our games and what they teach. 

Solusville: Kids' Nutrition Education Section Highlights 

Solusville is the fun healthy land where Chef Solus and his friends teach children about the fun of being healthy.  Solusville is made up of different sections designed to complement healthy living concepts.  For example, where food comes from is taught in the Solusville farm.

Nutrition games, tools, and stories are housed in the different sections of Solusville. Our games will introduce your child to the basic concepts of nutrition and the importance of exercise.

Children will play games in the following 11 areas of Solusville:

We are committed to helping you make nutrition a sound part of a child’s everyday life. 

Have you visited our teachers section filled with lesson plans and lots and lots of fun worksheets!


Nutrition Game's Age Range

Our educational games are designed for preschool through fifth grade.  We have a special section just for preschool students. Research has shown that children form habits early and we want to help them form healthy habits that will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

The fast food companies and high fat, high sugar food manufacturers are not wasting any time marketing to your children. They market to our kids on how much fun their foods are to eat.  We think it is important to promote healthy foods to children and show them how much fun healthy foods and healthy living really is!

Let’s work together to build the next generation of healthy nutrition minded children.  Let's start today!


Internet Safety For Children

We are very serious about online safety and we comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).  Nourish Interactive does not display any personal information of any kind.  Children can not sign up for a free membership.  An adult is required to sign up and then create a child account.  We do not collect any information directly from children.  Nor do we disclose any information collected from adults.  

We do not have any chat areas or messaging capabilities.  Nourish Interactive does not allow any members to communicate directly with each other from our site.  

We are proud to announce that we have gone through a rigorous scrutiny by KidSafe organization that has certified our kids zone meets all the requirements of the new COPPA guidelines.  You will see that seal KidSafe+ privacy seal at the bottom of all our kids webpages.

Special FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Approved Seal  The only seal approved by the FTC!

We are proud to have been also been reviewed by the and association and recieved their seal of approval.

Read our privacy policy.

Computer Requirements


Interactive Game and Nutrition Tools - System Requirements:

  • A high-speed Internet connection is recommended.
  • You will need the latest Flash Player and Shockwave Player installed. You can download it for free from Adobe.


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