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Organize and Save Your Favorite Content with our Top Picks Tools

Now it is easier than ever to organize and save your content!
Categorize your favorite pages, share it and even add outside webpages for convenient access!

What is Top Picks

Top Picks is a special tool for members that allows you to save and organize your favorite content on our website and from other websites in one place.

For example, lets say you are a parent looking for games for your child.  You find four games that are 

perfect and while checking out the site, you also found some print games you liked.  As you find the games and features you like for your child, you can click on the Top Picks icon located at the top of page


Where Do I Find My Top Pick

Your Top Picks can be found easily 2 ways   

1..  In My Page section: Your Top Picks are stored on your My Page where you can find and edit your personal information

Just click on "My Top Picks" located on the right hand side of page

2.  If you go to the general Top Picks page, you will also notice a grey link box at the top of the page titled "My Picks"

When you click on "My Picks" you will be taken to your personal Top Picks




How To Create A Top Picks

Just look at the top of the page for this image.  When you see a page that has a tool, article or 

feature that you want to save, just click on the Top Picks icon!

Your First Time Using The Tool

When you find a webpage that you would like to save, just click on the My Picks icon at the top of the page

You will create the basket you want to save it in 

Once a basket is created, adding a top pick is very simple.  

Your Top Picks will be added automatically to the basket you last created.  

You can choose another basket using the pull-down menu or create a new basket!


Adding a Top Pick To Your Basket

A window will open up that allows you to edit:
  • click on the icon to open your basket tool
  • the page information is automatically entered for you.  If you would like to edit it, you can do that now or later on.  You can always edit your top picks anytime.
  • add your Top Pick to the basket shown or if you want to create a new basket to add it to, you can do that by clicking on the "Create a new basket".  If you want to choose a basket you already created, simply use the pull down menu to see your other baskets.
  • click on the "Create Top Picks"!


Creating a New Basket  

  • Give your basket a name (that reminds you what type of content you saved it in)
  • choose a category that best suits your Top Pick
  • select your privacy setting, (you can keep your basket private, share it with only our members, or share it with anyone visiting the website.
  • click "Create Basket"
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