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Subway Nutrition Information and Menu Selection Options


If you are headed to Subway  with the family, you can plan a healthier meal with their menu guide and nutrition information profile for each of their menu options.

Download and print the Subway Menu.  


But to give you a headstart facts on helping the family make healthier food choices, here are some of the highest and lowest calorie foods in each category.


Subway Lower Calorie Foods

healthier deli options for families

6" Turkey Breast - 280 calories

6" Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham -      280 calories

Veggie Delite® on Flatbread - 240 calories

 Kids Black Forest Ham- 180 calories

Kids Turkey Breast- 180 calories

Fat Free Italian Dressing - 35 calories

Subway Higher Calorie Foods

higher calorie deli foods for familikes

6" Big Philly Cheesesteak - 500 calories

Footlong (FL) Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki       750 calories

FL Oven Roasted Chicken - 640 calories

6" Pastrami, Big (with cheese)  - 580 calories

6" Steak and Bacon Melt - 500 calories

Ranch Dressing - 290 calories


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