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Online Games That Teach Children About The Food Groups


Games that teach children about the the food groups and the health benefits of each of the food groups as well as the steps of the pyramid that promotes exercise.

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Falling Food Arcade Game

This is a fun arcade game where kids must catch the right foods from each food group to fill the meter and move to the next level. Careful! If they catch the foods from the wrong food group their meter will go down. Each level has a different food group


See the nutrition game Food Arcade Game 



Food Groups Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles give positive nutrition messages about the importance of each of the food groups.
This fun jigsaw puzzle has a timer so children can see how long it takes to complete a puzzle. Children can choose how hard or easy they want it to be! Kids can select a 12 piece puzzle all the way up to a 122 piece puzzle.

See the nutrition game Food Jigsaw Puzzles




Healthy Harvest Maze Game

Healthy Harvest Maze is a fun game that teaches children about the importance of fruits and vegetables. Children will enjoy helping Chef Solus pick fruits and vegetables as they find their way through a field, orchard and a garden maze. Children get points for picking these healthy foods while learning about the healthy benefits, and nutrients for each food item they have harvested.

Read about the fruits and vegetables listed in the Healthy Harvest Maze Game.

See the nutrition game Healthy Harvest Maze 



Matching Meals Card Game

The classic memory game is centered around the five different food groups. To win this fun memory card game, kids must match the foods before the clock runs out. Each food card provides the name of the food, the food group and is color coded to the USDA food pyramid.
When you match the cards and the puzzle is complete - kids will see a fun secret nutrition message promoting the benefit of each of the food groups. You can pick three levels – easy, hard and difficult.


See the nutrition game Memory Food Game 



Slap Snack Cards

Kids play against Chef Solus in this fast food card game. Each card has a different food shown on it, the associated food group it belongs in and is colored to match the food pyramid. Kids have to act quickly to slap the Chef Solus card when they see it. The player that gets all the cards wins! This is also a great game to improve hand to eye coordination!


See the nutrition game Slap Snack Cards


Talking Food Pyramid

Chef Solus teaches children about each of the food groups and exercise. To play, kids just put the mouse over the different parts of the pyramid and hear what Chef Solus has to say!


See the nutrition game Talking Food Pyramid 




Talking My Plate

Chef Solus teaches children about the healthy messages of My Plate. To play, kids just put the mouse over the different parts of the my plate and hear what Chef Solus has to say!


See the nutrition game Talking My Plate



Yummy Drops- Fruit Action Game

Kids see positive messages about the fruit group in this fun flying game. Kids maneuver a special airplane and deliver fruits to nearby homes before their fuel tank runs out! Kids have a chance to get on the score board by accurately delivering fruit and getting a lot of points. Did I mention that they have to avoid obstacles that will show them down and use up their fuel! As a bonus, at the end of the game, children can print a special fun pdf that promotes the fruits group.


See the nutrition game Fruit Flying Game


Whack A Snack Action Game

This game based on the classic game “Whack-a-Mole” requires children to find a specific food item within its food group.
Kids will have to be quick to beat this action packed game. To play, kids must whack the correct food when it appears. To move to the next level, kids must score enough points by making correct “hits”. If they whack the wrong food, you lose points.


See the nutrition game Whack A Snack Action 



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