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Healthy Family and Kids Nutrition Articles









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Welcome to our library of free childhood nutrition articles. Here you will find all of our ’Nourish Healthy Kids’ nutrition, fitness and health articles. These articles were written by dietitians and nurses who understand the challenges of teaching healthy habits to young children. Our health professionals are also parents who provide practical and realistic steps to making small changes in your family’s lifestyle. We believe strongly that these small changes add up to a healthier child.  The articles are broken up by categories to make it easier for you to find the topic you are looking for. These articles are available in both English and Spanish.
Kids have their own monthly nutrition fun page that teaches them about nutrition topics.  See Our Kids Campfire Storytime featuring Chef Solus' Tip Top Stories.

Family Nutrition & Health Tip: Iron is especially important for brain development and function. One of iron’s main roles is to oxygenate all the cells in the body, including brain-cells, promoting optimum functioning. Iron also helps guard against mind-body issues like fatigue, weakness and irritability, which can inhibit the health and happiness of you or your child.

Nutrition Articles by Topics


Nourish Your Mind - The Psychology To Healthier Eating

Articles that focus on the psychology of making healthier choices, featuring Dr Lisa Heinz, clinical psychologist.

Healthy Eating At Home And At School

Dietitian written articles that helps you promote healthy meals balanced with foods from all the food groups. Tips on what makes a healthy breakfast and ways on getting your child to eat more fruits and vegetables. Healthy articles for families with practical ideas on creating healthy meals for your kids at home and at school.

A Healthy Back To School For Kids

Dietitian and nurses articles written to help parents get kids ready for school in a healthy and positve manner. Tips for busy families for breakfast, school lunch, afterschool snacks and mealtime. Healthy articles for families with practical ideas for a healthy back to school!

Foods That Create A Balanced Meal - My Plate

Facts about the five food groups that create a balanced meal. Dietitians share the foods that make up each food group and how much you need for a healthy plate. Introducing the My Plate which has replaced the My Pyramid.

Advice On How To Ensure Your Child Is Getting Essential Nutrients

Most children are deficient in certain nutrients. Our dietitians have some specific advice on the critical vitamins and minerals and how to ensure that they are getting sufficient nutrition. Essential nutrient information and tips to promote a healthy child.

Healthy Servings, Portion Sizes And Calories For Kids

Our dietitians provide information and ideas on how to help your child and family eat a sensible caloric meal. You might be surprised by the amount of calories in some common foods. We give you tips and tricks on how teach your child to choose a healthy portion size at home and when eating out.

Vegetarian Tips And Advice For the Parents With A Vegetarian Or Vegan Child

Children who are vegetarian or vegan enjoy a meal rich in fruits and vegetables. Our dietitians provide some practical advice to help your child enjoy a well-balanced healthy vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Parents Guide To Facts About Healthy Beverages And Sugary Beverages For Their Child

Help your child quench their thirst while avoiding all the unnecessary calories and sugar. Learn about the most sugary drinks and how to help your child choose wisely.

Family Grocery Tips For Buying The Healthiest Foods

Creating healthy family meals are made from grocery shopping, cooking and eating together as a family. Grocery shopping suggestions from our dietitians on how to buy the healthiest foods. Don't be fooled by marketing claims on the front of the package. Easy steps to a healthier grocery store experience.

Healthy Holiday Eating And Activities For the Family

Holiday time articles that promote just the right amount of healthy foods and activities for a great fun holiday time. Holidays are a great time to celebrate with foods from each of the food groups and creative meals that promote healthy choices.

Summer Foods – Keeping It Healthy And Fun

Dietitian advice that promote summer time fun with healthy family summer activities. Enjoying a healthy summer vacation with foods, recipes, activities to keep families and children active and eating fresh fruits and vegetables during summer vacation.

Kids’ Exercise And Daily Activity - Promote an Active Family

Dietitian and nurses' advice for parents to help promote daily family activity. Find ways to add exercise to your child's day during winter and summertime. Tips on how to turn off the tv and help your child find activities that promote a healthy and growing active body.

Food Safety Guidelines For Parents

Food safety guidelines to keep the family healthy and guard against food poisoning.

Food Allergies and Children - An Overview for Parents

Helpful kids food allergy information and resources for parents- online resources for children's food allergy information.

Parents Guide to Understanding the Impact of Food Marketing On Kids

High sugar and high fat food manufacturers spend millions of dollars to promote their foods to children. Learn the food marketing facts and fiction.

Promoting A Healthy Child Guidelines For The Family

Keeping your family healthy involves teaching children food safety guidelines, promoting wellness and preventing childhood obesity. Helpful suggestions and best practices for setting family health goals, preventing food poisoning, food allergies and promoting a healthy child from our dietitians and nurses.
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