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Fruit Group - The Sweetest Groups Filled With Vitamins and Minerals


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Peaking Your Child's Interest In Fruits And Vegetables

Of course, you want your kids to eat healthier foods but the challenge is how do you do this without nagging and creating a negative experience at the dinner table. That is the real challenge! Ways to get your child excited about fruits and vegetables.

Parents' Guide About The Health Benefits Of The Fruit Group

Learn about the fruit group and the many benefits it provides to your child's body.

Fruit Group - How Much Fruit Does Your Child And Family Really Need?

How Much Fruit Does Your Family Need? A guide to the amount of fruit your family needs by age group.

Parents Guide To Understanding What Is The Fruit Food Group

Fresh fruit is whole fruit that you will find in season in grocery stores, farmer markets or even your own garden! Eating fresh fruit is the most natural way to eat it and get all the nutrients that are can be lost when preserved. Learn the definition of the fruit group and the various ways you can buy fruit.

Ways To Add More Fruit At Every Meal

My Plate reminds families and children to fill half their plate with fruits an vegetables. Simple suggestions to increase fruit in your family's meals.

Making the Most of Fresh Summer Produce

While many fruits and vegetables are available year round in the grocery stores, options can be limited during the winter months for those who live in seasonal areas. It’s no surprise that many people take advantage summer produce through farmers markets and pick-your-own produce locations. Unfortunately, fresh produce spoils quickly which can lead to a loss of food and money. If you find yourself buying bulk or high amounts of fresh summer produce, here are some ways to make the most of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

How To Grill Fruits For A Sweet Family BBQ

Add a little sweet taste to this year's barbecue menu! Adding fruit to your grilling options is easier than you think. Enjoy the outdoors and add a little sweetness that is healthier and kids will love!

Fruits To Grill

Enjoy some of our family favorite fruits to grill. Ideas and tips for best fruits to grill for a healthier barbecue for the whole family.

Parents Guide - List Of Fruits By Season

If you are looking to buy fruits that are in season, this page is for you! Handy guide to finding fruits by season.

Parent Guide - Fruits Listed By Colors

Children love color and fruits come in all the colors of the rainbow. Use this guide to introduce children to the fruits food group organized by color.

Guide To Common Portion And Serving Size From The Fruit Group

Learn the servings for the fruit group. How much fruit makes one serving. The fruit group is an important food group that provides children with much vitamins and minerals for fighting off disease. Here is a guide to makes a healthy serving of fruit from the My Plate fruit food group.
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