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Grains Group - The Energy Group Filled With Vitamin Bs and Fiber


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Understanding the Health Benefits Of The Grains Group

Grains are foods that provide fiber and vitamins and energy. Learn about this important food group and the health benefits of including healthy whole grains in your family's meal plan every day.

Grains Group - How Much Grains Does Your Child And Family Really Need?

How much foods from the grains group does your child need? Learn the amounts of grains that your family members need with this quick reference chart.

Learning About The Grains Group

Learn about this important food group: the grains group. Tips also provided on how to shop for healthy grains in the grocery store.

Parents Guide - List Of Grains

You may hear the terms whole grains and refined grains. Learn the difference between these terms and what foods make up the whole grains versus the refined grains.

List Of Types Of Pastas

Shopping for pasta. Need a complete list of the different types of pasta? Here is a handy reference guide of the six different categories of pasta and the specific pasta that belong in each group.

Nourishing the Gluten-Free Child

This articles provides a short overview of how to ensure your gluten-sensitive child is well-nourished, despite the list of foods they must avoid.

Guide To Common Portion And Serving Size From The Grains Group

What Counts As A Grains Serving? The grains group is an important food group that provides children with much needed fiber and vitamin Bs for growing a healthy heart and digestive system. Here is a guide to make a healthy serving of grains from the My Plate grains food group.
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