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Website Features: Educational kids games and nutrition tools and resources- it’s fun and free!


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The website is divided into two section:

The Grown-Up section filled with features, tools and content designed to help adults bring nutrition into their children's lives in a positive and fun way.

The Kids section filled with games, stories and activities designed to help children learn about nutrition in a way that is engaging and meaningful to them.

Nourish Interactive Features

Become a member of Nourish Interactive and you will have access to all of our fun, interactive educational features!
In order for children to play our interactive games, parents or teachers will need to sign up and create their free membership account.  Then parents or teachers can quickly add the child or children as members to their account. 


1.  Grown-Up Features

Nourish Interactive started out as a place for kids to play and learn about nutrition through interactive online games.  But we have grown!

We now offer a full featured grown-up section with the tools you need to help the special children in your lives learn about healthy foods, healthy habits and the importance of exercise.

  • You will find articles written by our clinical staff, dietitians, nutritionists, registered nurses, and clinical psychologists.  We add new articles every month.
  • Eating out tips by restaurants
  • Directory of online and offline nutrition and health related organizations and products for kids: Coming Soon!
  • Recipes found in our Cooking with Chef Solus
  • Organizational Tools to organize your favorite content "Top Picks"
  • Full access to all our parent nutritional tools
  • Access to the English and Spanish versions
  • Fun activities that bring nutrition into your home and classroom
  • Full access to all our print materials and nutrition lessons
  • Share healthy snacks and meal recipes in our recipe section
  • Accumulate reward points
  • Participate in contests that help organizations of your choice
  • Enjoy daily Healthy Tips for the whole family 
  • Follow our monthly family health goals
  • Receive our free newsletter
  • Be notified of new nutrition tools and games


2.  Special section just for kids! Solusvillefree membership for kids nutrition games


Fun Nutrition Games

All our games have nutrition or healthy habits themed.

Games are organized and found in different parts of Solusville, a healthy neighborhood!

See all our nutrition games.

NO Ads!

Ad free zone just for kids.  You won't find food marketers here.  Children can spend time playing and learning about healthy habits without the interference of advertisements.

Note: You will see advertisements on our Grown-Up side.

No External Links

Page blocker: We want to keep kids on the kids section where they are free from advertisements.  We do that in two ways:

All our links in the footer and throughout the Solusville world keeps them inside Solusville.

If children accidentally or otherwise choose to click on our one link "Parents and Educators" that takes you back to the Grown-up website, we have a warning page blocker that reminds kids that they should stay in Solusville.


COPPA Compliance Seal

We want to assure you that our children section meets all the latest COPPA guidelines released in 2014.  

We follow the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) guidelines and do not allow children under 13 to sign up for their own membership.  We only collect the minimum information that allows us to create a membership and communicate with you. We DO NOT sell your information to third parties.  Read our privacy policy.

We are proud to announce that we have gone through a rigorous scrutiny by KidSafe organization that has certified our kids zone meets all the requirements of the new COPPA guidelines.  You will see that seal KidSafe+ privacy seal at the bottom of all our kids webpages.

Special FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Approved Seal  The only seal approved by the FTC!


Childrens Special Member's Features

  • Children can create their own avatars
  • Kids dress up their avatars with special themed activity wear
  • Create online sticker books with customized activity themes
  • Children earn special nutrition seals as they play and learn
  • Children earn points that open up new games to play

Signing up is easy and it's free!



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Our goal is to see every child have a chance at being healthy. We believe that prevention through early nutrition education is the best treatment. Understanding nutrition at a young age will give your children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

Play our kids' nutrition education games!  


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