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Parents Role: Reinforcing Healthy Nutrition Messages To Children


Parents, your role is so vital.  

You are your child’s greatest role models.  Children are like little sponges, absorbing and mimicking the behaviors they see.

There are so many ways that you can be a nutrition advocate to your children in a fun and positive way.  Helping children learn healthy behaviors or modify current behaviors can take time.  So be patient and positive and the whole family will benefit from your example.

Reinforcing Healthy Foods and Habits

You can help reinforce the healthy messages your child is learning by:

  • modeling positive behaviors
  • discussing with them what they learned about healthy foods
  • sit with them for a few minutes and play a game, stepping into their world is a great bonding experience and fun too!
  • use our nutrition tools with your child - we made the adult version colorful and fun so that you could use them with kids
  • log-in and monitor your child's progress through our Chef Solus 7 level nutrition game where they will learn quite a bit about healthy eating
  • print certificates for them and post them as reminders of the healthy habits they are learning

Limiting Screen Time

We are proud to share the ways that we support limited  screen time!

It is important to have a child's attention to educate and reinforce healthy habits. They actually need to sit and pay attention. That is why the computer games and activities offers a perfect venue to teach children about nutrition. And they learn good important computer skills. 

But just like everything else, it is important to set limits and balance. We don't want them sitting in front of the computer for hours.   

To promote activity and a healthier active lifestyle, it is important to limit your child's screen time to 2 hours or less a day.  Screen time includes television, computer and nonactive video games.


We are proud to share the ways that we support limited screen time:


  • All of our children's pages have a special reminder at the top of their game screen reminding them to stop after 20 minutes of screen playtime and go be active.
  • All of our mini-games are designed to be played in five minutes or less
  • Our popular 7-level Chef Solus Adventure Game is designed to be played in 15 minutes increments or less.  The game saves their place, score and points

Find more tips on limiting screen time.


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