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Teachers' Role: Classroom Nutrition Education for Elementary School Students


Whether you are a teacher, dietitian, nurse or an after school  program leader, we recognize and support the critical role you play  in promoting a healthy, well-nourished child. There have been numerous studies highlighting the positive impact of a well-nourished child and their success in schools. Nutrition is vital to a child's overall growth physically, mentally and cognitively. 

Read clinical studies about nutrition education and children.

Teaching Resources Work Together With Nutrition Games

teachers teaching kids nutrition
Our goal is to support the work that you do in educating a child about healthy habits by providing you with tools and resources that you can use as part of your nutrition education program. One of the challenges with teaching nutrition and the importance of daily activity is the topic is often not very interesting to children. How can you get them excited about forming healthy habits?
That is where we step in.  We house our education in interactive media that attract children's attention. That is key!  We first have to get their attention before we can teach the content. We use characters and games as our vehicles to deliver the message to children. We know characters grab their attention and we know that kids love games. Add in some fun virtual points and rewards and kids will love to learn about healthy foods!

Each of our nutrition and fitness games and tools have an associated lesson plan and print material.  We provide all this free for educators because we know resources are tight and we want all children to have access to this information.

Our site follows the COPPA guidelines for maximum internet safety for children.

Each of our nutrition and fitness games and tools have an associated lesson plan and print material.

Spanish Content for ESL Students

Our content is available in English and in Spanish.  For your convenience, we have a Spanish link next to every English printable.  If you have a student that speaks Spanish, they can play all the games in Spanish.  Just click on the "Español" link at the very top of the page!
To make it easier for you, we have a list of games that we sorted by topic/content.  This way you can quickly find the games that will complement the topic that you are teaching!
If you work with the parent as well as the child, we have nutrition tools for parents and handouts too!  All designed in the "fun way to learn about nutrition" the spirit that Nourish Interactive is known for.
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