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Guide for Parents in Undrstanding Organics, Farmers' Markets, and GMOs


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5 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Farmers Market

During the summer, fruits and vegetables are at their peak of ripeness and price! Farmers markets are a great way to buy many fruits and vegetables, which is important for good health. Click here to read 5 ways to make the most of the farmers market!

How organic is your milk?

You want to choose organic milk but there seems to be so many variations. How do you know the best organic dairy product to choose? Our dietitian has a nice overview of the differences in organic dairy. Knowing the differences in your organic dairy.

A Parents' Guide: What does Organic really mean?

This article discusses what the term organic really means, and what seeing the USDA organic label says about your food.

To GMO or Not to GMO?

Overview about GMO foods and the benefits and concerns regarding genetically modified organism. If you are just hearing about GMOs, this article will give you the information you need to make informed food decisions for you and your family.

Making the Most of Fresh Summer Produce

While many fruits and vegetables are available year round in the grocery stores, options can be limited during the winter months for those who live in seasonal areas. It’s no surprise that many people take advantage summer produce through farmers markets and pick-your-own produce locations. Unfortunately, fresh produce spoils quickly which can lead to a loss of food and money. If you find yourself buying bulk or high amounts of fresh summer produce, here are some ways to make the most of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

Guide To Avoiding Foods Highest In Pesticides

Wondering when you need to go organic. Here is a guide to the foods highest in pesticides, also known as the dirty dozen. Includes list of the produce with the lowest amounts of pesticides.

Organic vs. Conventional, Is There Really a Difference?

The nutritional analysis of organic foods vs conventional foods, benefits of going organic. Is there really a big difference between organic vs conventional?

Parents Resources For Finding Local Farmers’ Markets And Pick Your Own Produce Farms

You may be surprised at how many local farmers are now participating in farmer's markets. These markets provide fresh, locally grown foods and an opportunity to talk directly with the farmer. What a great way for your child to learn about fresh produce. Find a farmers market near you!
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