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Parents Resources For Finding Local Farmers’ Markets And Pick Your Own Produce Farms

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Jan 14, 2012

The best foods are usually grown at a nearby farm.     farm grown produce
Farmers' market are usually located in designated parking lots, or other public places on a a specific day or days each week.  It is a place where the local farms around your area bring their in-season, fresh produce to sell directly to you.
This is a great outing for the kids and a chance to talk with local farmers about what is in season. Don’t be afraid to ask if they use pesticides or fertilizers.  Some farmers' markets even have entertainment and special events for kids!
Here are some sites that offer listings of local farmer's markets.

farmers market shopping

Find A Local Farmer's Market

To find a nearby farmers’ market you will need to enter your zip code. Not all websites have every farmer's market.  So if you try one and it does not show a listing, try one of of the other website.
USDA Farmers Market Search feature using USDA website
Find a local farmer market using Local Harvest website.
Find a local farmer market

Find A Local Pick Your Produce Farm

Letting kids pick their own fruits and vegetables right from the ground or tree can really peak children's interest about fruits and vegetables! 
Click on your state and start your search.  Find a local pick your own fruits and vegetables farm










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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Jan 14, 2012Last updated on Apr 02, 2015




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