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Guide To Selecting Healthy Foods When Eating Out


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Eating out is a reality for most families.  In fact, with busy schedules and working parents, "eating out" has been coined the new "eating in."  

If you can't cook at home, there are ways to help children and your family make healthier choices in restaurants.

In this section, we have resources and menus of some of the most popular family-friendly restaurants and fast food establishments.

We are constantly adding to this section, so please check back.  


Dining Out Facts

Here are some dining out facts:

  • American restaurants will bring in above a half-trillion dollars in total sales, according to the National Restaurant Association.
  • The U.S. has about 925,000 restaurants, and at least 8,000 are added each year.
  • Portion sizes vary a great deal.  Use our handy portion size estimator to teach children to eat sensible size portions.
  • Many menus have calories and nutrition information now available.  
  • Check menus for heart healthy options.  They will usually have a special symbol like a heart next to the meal item.
  • Most restaurants are happy to accommodate requests that will make your meal healthier.
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