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Nourish Your Mind - The Psychology To Healthier Eating









Lisz Hinz PhD insights to healthier food choices

Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

You want your children to make healthier choices.  You understand that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables.  But how do you go about making life changes for you and your family.

This section focuses on the psychology of eating healthier.  

We are so proud to bring you Dr Lisa Hinz PhD who shares her expertise and clinical advice with you on how to make healthier choices.


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Eat with Your Brain

Parenting article about healthy eating at home. Dr Lisa Hinz shares her thoughts and expertise on the psychology of making healthier food choices. When you understand how to change your mindset, you can change your habits and your family's by thinking differently about food. How to redefine the way you think about foods.

Mindful Meals

Dr Lisa Hinz discusses the importance of mindfulness when you eat. Tips for teaching children to be alert and aware of their body's needs and what they are putting on their plate. Learn the difference between mindful meals vs mindless meals.

More than just a Meal

Dr Lisa Hinz shares insight into the benefits of eating together as a family. Studies have shown that children who have regular family meals seem to choose healthier foods when they are older. There are many other benefits as well! Learn some key strategies for making family meal time a daily event.

Say “Yes” to Dessert – in Moderation

It is dangerous to deem any food inherently “bad,” or off limits. Forbidding a food or group of foods such as sweets or sugar can set it up as mysterious and desirable. Learn some easy steps on how to offer dessert to children that promotes healthy eating habits.

Pint-Sized Portions

Dr Lisa Hinz shares her experience about learning portion control. Learn the two most common reasons parents give their child too much food. Dr Lisa Hinz provides insight and practical solutions that teach children healthy portion sizes.

We like to move it!

Making movement fun is one way that parents can help keep children fit. When movement is fun, children will choose movement over sedentary activities and develop a lifelong preference for regular physical activity. Movement throughout the lifetime will help control weight, reduce health risks, and improve mood. Here are just a few suggestions to make movement fun for everyone in the family:

Promoting A Positive Eating Experience For Children

Encouraging children to eat healthier foods involves more than just telling them to what to eat. As children interact with foods, they begin to form life long food associations that will effect their eating habits later. Our goal is to help children form positive associations with healthy foods. Here are some tips to help your child form happy experiences with healthy foods.

Hungry or Bored?

How many times has your child wandered into the kitchen and restlessly rifled through the cupboards whining, “What is there to eat?” or “I’m hungry!” Dr Hinz share insights to help you manage the bored child that diverts them from turning to food.

The Sleep Diet

A healthy weight and a good night sleep go hand in hand. Dr Hinz explains how sleep is a necessary strategy in weight management. Learn the effects of lack of sleep and how it can wreak havoc on your appetite. How much sleep do you and your child really need?

Developing Emotional Intelligence: Preventing Food Addiction

Dr Lisa Hinz explores emotional eating in children. Recognize the signs that children are eating not because of hunger but to satisfy some deeper issue. Learn important tools and resources for early recognition and prevention.

Keys To Enhancing Body Image for Girls and Boys

Dr Lisa Hinz shares her insights into how to help children develop healthy body attitudes. Parents who are invested in providing good nutrition for their families often are concerned with promoting positive body image in their children. This article highlights how parents can help ensure that their children grow up feeling good about their bodies.

To Your Health: Planning Healthy Goals for the Entire Family

Planning Healthy Family Goals Guide- kid friendly tips and easy tools for parents to plan goals to help kids eat more healthy foods and increase daily physical activity. Easy tips for planning healthy food goals and being more active together!

Setting Healthy Goals for the Entire Family

If you’ve been thinking about healthy goals and resolutions, this is a great time to think about setting healthy goals for the entire family. Setting family goals means helping your child set healthy goals too. Nutrition tips, tools and information for setting healthy nutrition and physical activity goals for the family.

Changing Children's Health Habits - Setting Positive Expectations

We often enter a change with enthusiasm and great commitment. And kids are the same. They get easily excited about starting new projects. But we all know that after the first week, the initial gusto to change habits can die down a bit. Suggestions to help children understand the commitment to achieving their health goals.

Helping Your Family Achieve Their Health Goals

Parenting tip article to help you keep your family on track. A few simple steps can make the difference in helping your child and family succeed in their health and nutrition goals.

Keeping Kids Motivated With Healthy Family Goals

Motivating Kids To Have Healthy Family Goals Guide- kid friendly tips and easy tools for parents to help kids stay motivated in their goals to eat more healthy foods and increase daily physical activity. Easy tips for keeping children interested in healthy food goals and being more active together!

Turn Hopeful Resolutions into Healthy Habits

Many healthy New Year's Resolutions start out strong, but fall by the wayside by February. If you or your family is having trouble keeping your new healthy habits, this article offers 5 tips for turning your resolutions into lifelong habits!
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