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Games that Teach Children Healthy Words - Nutrition Vocabulary


Fun Nutrition and Being Active word games to remind kids how much fun it is to be healthy every day! These games also help build vocabulary skills.




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Chef Solus Word Search Nutrition Words

Can you search and find all the food words in the online puzzle game? Each puzzle is based on one of the food groups. There is a timer so kids can see how fast they can find all the nutrition words. Children can pick our easier 7 word puzzle for new readers or try our 15 words for a challenge.



See the nutrition game Solus Word Search 


Elena’s Crossword Puzzles

These crossword puzzles have healthy topics for kids to choose. A hip beat and a little animation brings these crossword puzzles to life. As kids enter the words, the letter box will turn green for right answers and red for wrong answers


See the nutrition game Crossword Puzzles 


Pyramid Power Healthy Words

A clever “hangman” style game that uses the food pyramid instead of a hangman. Kids are given clues to solve a nutrition oriented question and must guess right letters before all the slices of the pyramid deflate! But if they guess right, watch the pyramid turn into a rocket and take off!



See the nutrition game Pyramid Power Words 



Talking Nutrition Dictionary

Kids will have some fun with our talking dictionary. Just click on the word to hear the word. Plus, look at the pictures and cartoons to learn more about the nutrition words and fun food facts.


See the nutrition game Talking Dictionary 





Tony's Food Gadget - Vitamin and Mineral Tool

Tony has a new gadget that analyzes food for vitamins and minerals. Children will learn about the different vitamins and minerals and what foods have them!



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