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Family Grocery Tips For Buying The Healthiest Foods









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Healthy eating starts at the grocery store when you choose your foods for your family meal time.  It's time to go the grocery store and face the over 7000 food items on the shelf.  How do you find which foods are actually better for you, how do you find the healthier food choices?   Tips on how to compare and choose foods for your family's meal.  Find key facts on reading food labels, resources for local farmers' markets, how to buy fruits and vegetables and coupons and discounts to all your favorite grocery stores.  Our dietitians have tips to help your grocery shopping experience promote healthy habits to kids.

For The Kids:  You can also find games, stories and activities for promoting healthy choices to children in the fun kids nutrition section.

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No More Drama at the Grocery Store!

Grocery shopping with your child can be hectic and frustrating, especially when they beg and scream for foods you don’t approve. It’s important to purchase healthy food items when grocery shopping, because every food item you purchase impacts what you and your family will eat throughout the week. Healthy food and beverage choices are important for a good healthy growth!

Parents' Guide and Resources Grocery Shopping - The five food groups

You want to create a healthy balanced meal for your family. We have a quick chart to help you see what foods make up each of the food groups. Print and go shopping lists organized by food groups makes it easy to buy the healthy foods from each of the food groups.

5 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Farmers Market

During the summer, fruits and vegetables are at their peak of ripeness and price! Farmers markets are a great way to buy many fruits and vegetables, which is important for good health. Click here to read 5 ways to make the most of the farmers market!

Grocery Shopping Tips: Healthy Food Lists

Healthy foods at home for the children starts with the choices you make at the grocery store. To optimize your family's nutrition and budget, you will want to look for the nutrient packed foods at the best price. A simple guide to how to choose healthier foods.

Find Local Grocery Store Sales Flyers And Circulars

Local grocery store sales flyer tool page-local grocery food discounts, sales, and store coupons. We make it easy to find local supermarket sales flyer ads- Save money by planning your food shopping list based on local grocery store sales and weekly deals

Guide for Parents Grocery Shopping on a Budget

We all want to buy healthy foods for our families but sometimes it may seem too expensive. No worries, we have you covered. Find the best shopping tips for shopping on a budget. How to stretch a dollar!

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Many people find a barrier to eating healthy is the higher cost. However, healthy eating does not always have to be expensive. Here, you will find tips for how to eat healthy on a budget!

How organic is your milk?

You want to choose organic milk but there seems to be so many variations. How do you know the best organic dairy product to choose? Our dietitian has a nice overview of the differences in organic dairy. Knowing the differences in your organic dairy.

Fruits and Vegetables Budget Shopping

Produce shopping on a budget tips for parents. With everyone watching their budget, we all are looking for ways to save money but still buy the healthier food items. Buy fruits and vegetables without busting your wallet!

A Parents' Guide: What does Organic really mean?

This article discusses what the term organic really means, and what seeing the USDA organic label says about your food.

A Parents' Guide: What does Organic really mean?

This article discusses what the term organic really means, and what seeing the USDA organic label says about your food.

To GMO or Not to GMO?

Overview about GMO foods and the benefits and concerns regarding genetically modified organism. If you are just hearing about GMOs, this article will give you the information you need to make informed food decisions for you and your family.

Making the Most of Fresh Summer Produce

While many fruits and vegetables are available year round in the grocery stores, options can be limited during the winter months for those who live in seasonal areas. It’s no surprise that many people take advantage summer produce through farmers markets and pick-your-own produce locations. Unfortunately, fresh produce spoils quickly which can lead to a loss of food and money. If you find yourself buying bulk or high amounts of fresh summer produce, here are some ways to make the most of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

Guide To Avoiding Foods Highest In Pesticides

Wondering when you need to go organic. Here is a guide to the foods highest in pesticides, also known as the dirty dozen. Includes list of the produce with the lowest amounts of pesticides.

Organic vs. Conventional, Is There Really a Difference?

The nutritional analysis of organic foods vs conventional foods, benefits of going organic. Is there really a big difference between organic vs conventional?

Parents Resources For Finding Local Farmers’ Markets And Pick Your Own Produce Farms

You may be surprised at how many local farmers are now participating in farmer's markets. These markets provide fresh, locally grown foods and an opportunity to talk directly with the farmer. What a great way for your child to learn about fresh produce. Find a farmers market near you!

Shopping For The Dairy Food Group

The dairy group is one of the five foods groups needed to have a well balanced heatlhy body. In particular children need foods high in calicium and vitamin D. The dairy group is a great source for these nutrients. Learn more about the dairy group and also get tips on how to purchase dairy foods from the grocery store.

Food Allergies and Children - Grocery Shopping Tips For Parents

Your child has developed food allergies. The first step is learning how to find food allergens on food packaging. Here is a simple and quick guide to grocery shopping for your child with food allergies tips and resources.

Surprising facts about the oil in your pantry

This article delves into the basics of whether the oils you use are healthy or unhealthy and why.

Reading Food Labels - How Does It Help Buy Healthier Foods

Reading food labels will make it much easier for you to compare foods and find the foods that have the nutritional value your child needs. It will help you and your family make healthy choices about the foods you are buying. Not sure food labels are worth reading? Read this!
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