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Welcome to Nourish Interactive - The fun way to learn about nutrition! 
Featuring free printable nutrition lesson plans and a variety of health and nutrition education resources for elementary school teachers, children’s computer labs, health care educators, and community health centers.
We have organized our lesson plans by nutrition education categories.
Read more about our nutrition online tools for kids and parents
See a complete list of our nutrition games and what they teach.

Nutrition Lesson Plans for Each of the Kids Nutrition Games and Tools


Lesson Plans

Lesson plans to work with our games that teach children what is a balanced healthy meal. Lesson plans teach what is a healthy meal, how to create a balanced meal and how to find a healthy foods. See all 7!
Lesson plans to work with our food group games. These games teach children about the five food groups and what foods are in each group. Lesson plans promote the benefits of each of the five food groups. See all 10!
Lesson plans to work with our games that promote healthy messages. These games and stories teach children about the importance of being healthy by making healthy food choices and being active every day. See all 6!
Teachers manual and other supporting materials to work with our 7 level video adventure game. Progress reports for parents, certificates for children and a guide for each one of the levels. See all 7!
Lesson plans to work with our harvest games and general school gardening programs that teach children what about growing foods. Lesson plans teach provide guidance and instruction on using the garden as part of a larger nutrition program. See all 3!
Lesson plans to work with our nutrition word games. These lesson plans promote reading and vocabulary related to nutrition, healthy foods, exercise and fitness. See all 5!
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