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Free Printable Send Home Nutrition and Fitness Guides for Families


Directory of Parents Handouts

These nutrition oriented Family Tip handouts focus on specific actions families can take to live a healthier lifestyle. Written by our dietitians and nurses as great handouts for families. These send home printables are based on the USDA guidelines for healthy eating and daily exercise. Our free nutrition printables are fun and colorful with easy facts and tips that can be reviewed in class and/or sent home with students to share with their parents.

This is a list of some of our parent handout favorites.  We have hundreds available.
To see a full list go to free printables parents handouts or you can find parent handouts in each one of the topics as well.  
Dietitian written articles and healthy living facts and information pages can also be printed.




Healthy Eating At Home


Healthy Lunches and Snacks for School

Family Tips – Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids
See more articles that you can print on healthy lunches.


Tips and Ideas to Get Kids to Eat Nutrient Rich Foods


Healthy Servings, Portion Sizes And Dining Out

See More Articles On Controlling Calories

kids-healthy-handouts from school


Kids’ Exercise And Daily Activity


Grocery Shopping – Easy to Use Guides for Finding Healthy Foods

Handy Healthy Grocery Shopping List by Food Groups
Using Food Labels to Make Healthy Food Choices

Printable - Food Labels Informational Sheet
Free Printable - Find Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
Family Grocery Shopping - Handy Nutrient Claims Reference Chart
See More Articles On Preparing Family Meals


kids-healthy-handouts school home

Cooking with Kids

Kids in the Kitchen Tips
How to Cook with Children
Printable Recipe Measurement Conversion Chart
Printable Chart - Handy Cooking Ingredients Substitution Chart
Printable Cooking Glossary
See More information on Healthy Cooking

Summer Foods and Activity Fun– Healthy And Fun


Healthy Holiday Eating

See More Articles On Healthy Family Holidays

Food Safety Guidelines and Injury Prevention For The Whole Family

Managing A Child With Food Allergies Tips And Resources
Preventing Food Poisoning and Proper Food Handling during Cooking
Back to School Food Safety - Pack a Bug-free Lunch
Prevent Back Injury - Simple Backpack Tips
Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Coming To and From School



Involving the Parents in your Schools’ Nutrition Education Program

Keep parents informed about your nutrition education program and make them a partner in promoting healthy eating habits at home.

Download a standardized form and send home.
Home – School Partnership Nutrition Education Handout

Handout for Parents - Nutrition Website Flyer


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