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Healthier Holiday Higher Fiber Snacks and Desserts

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Dec 07, 2010
holiday eating healthy foods for childrenYou will undoubtedly be asked to bring holiday treats to make these events special for the kids. With everything you have on your plate, it is easy to go for the common holiday favorites: candy, deep fried potato pancakes, soofganiot (doughnuts), Yule log cake, and decorated sugar cookies in the shapes of reindeers or dreidels. 
These treats are usually high in sugar and calories but low in other nutrients.   With a few simple changes, you might be surprised how easy it can be to add some healthy fiber to your holiday recipes.  Fiber is a nutrient that most children don't get enough of.  This holiday season offers a nice little opportunity to modify your recipe and increase your child's fiber intake!

Healthy Holiday Snacks and Desserts High in Fiber

Adding fiber to holiday treats is a great way to add a healthy blast to your recipes. Fiber has a variety of health benefits for the whole family. It keeps your digestive tract working good and it is good for your heart! It also makes you feel full and less likely to overeat.high fiber foods for healthy family christmas holiday
Here are some tips on how to add fiber to your seasonal snacks and desserts:
  •  You can substitute white flour for 100% whole wheat baking flour. If you think your kids might not like it, then start with using half white flour and half whole wheat flour. Your kids won’t even notice and you have instantly made it more healthy!
  • Crackers and cheese are a tasty snacks. Replace white crackers with whole wheat, multi-grain, or sprouted wheat and you have added a ton of healthy fiber to the snack. (Replace the cheese for low fat and double the healthiness!)
  • Making cupcakes from a boxed recipe (me too!) just pour a cup of bran or oatmeal in the mix and you have added fiber easily. It's filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber. You may need to experiment with the amount.
  • Fruits and veggies are great sources of fiber. Add sliced pear to salads, offer pomegranates as after-school snacks, and bring in a tray of grapes and sliced persimmons to a class party.
  • Bring in bean dip (check the label to make sure it is low in fat) and salsa with some 100% whole grain chips or baked chips. Beans are a great source of fiber!
Have a Happy Healthy Holiday to you and your family!










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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Dec 07, 2010Last updated on Jun 20, 2014




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