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A Healthy Back To School For Kids









Nourishing Advice for Back to School

Get the children ready for school and ready to learn is always a busy time for parents.  Healthy children that get enough sleep, eat nourishing meals and are active means improved performance at school.

Not too worry, our dietitians and nurses have pulled out their best advice to help you get the kids ready for school and optimal learning!  Our dietitians and nurses give you no nonsense advice that you can implement today!

You can also find stories and activities for promoting healthy choices to chlldren in the fun kids nutrition section. 


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Healthy Foods For Each Meal for Back to School

September is back-to-school month! During this time of the year, things can get pretty hectic. Here are some tips to help you prepare healthy meals for your kids, and yourself!

Parents Guide - Being Prepared for Pediatric Visit

Today's pediatrician is very busy with less time to spend with patients. They want to be there to guide you with any concerns or questions you might have but they are juggling a very busy patient schedule. How to get the most of your pediatric visit and time with the doctor.

Well Child Check Up and Pediatrician Visits Routine Schedule

Not sure when your child should be seeing a pediatrician. Here is the standard well-child check-up schedule.

Staying Active - Back To School Tips To Keep Kids Moving

It is time to go back to school and summer activities and camps are over. We have some easy tips on how to keep your child active throughout the school year. Exercise fun for kids going back to school.

Parents' Guide - Safety At School For Children With Allergies

If your child has food allergies, you may be worried about exposure to foods. Afterall, food is a regular part of the school day and after-school programs. Learn three important steps every parent must take to keep their child safe at school.

Breakfast Meal - The Most Important Meal For Children

Wondering why breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Facts from recent studies about the benefits of breakfast and problems caused by skipping breakfast.

Rise and Shine: It’s Breakfast Time!

Start your child's day with these healthy breakfast foods!

How To Make Time For Breakfast

Busy family's guide to eating breakfast every morning. Dietitians guide to how make time for breakfast despite a busy schedule.

Healthy Back To School Breakfast

Starting early with back to school healthy routines, 3 Simple steps to help your kids start the new school year. Healthy habits for back to school - easy steps to help children get ready for back to school. Getting on track to healthy new school year- helping your child get into a healthy routine for back to school!

Healthy Breakfast Foods For Children Organized By Food Groups

Wondering what to cook for breakfast and create a balanced meal. Here is a chart of breakfast meal ideas and the food groups.

10 Healthy Alternatives To Kid-Friendly Lunch Foods and Snacks

It’s no secret that kids can be picky eaters, especially when it comes to healthier foods. Many kids prefer their lunch boxes to be filled with foods that are higher in sugar, salt, and fat. These foods are also convenient and easy to pack and store, which makes it tempting to throw it in your child’s lunchbox. However, there are ways you can pack your child healthier versions of their favorite school lunch and snack foods without sacrificing taste or flavor! Here are 10 healthy alternatives to kid-friendly lunch foods and snacks.

Packing a Healthy Lunch Box…easier than you think!

Quick and easy back to school healthy lunches for kids- New fun sandwiches to pack, kids easy lunch box ideas, healthy eating tips, and nutritious recipes kids will love! Our fun food ideas make it easier to pack healthier foods for your child's school lunch box.

Parents Guide To Making a Healthy Lunch For Kids

Our dietitians share their tips for what ingredients makes a healthy lunch box for children. School lunch article with suggestions on buying school lunch and tips for making a well balanced healthy lunch for school aged children.

Tips For Parents - What To Do When Children Won't Eat Their Lunch

Solutions For Children Who Ditch Their lunch. Tips and suggestions from our dietitians on what to do with kids that throw away their lunch.

Healthy Lunch Foods For Children Organized By Food Groups

Create a balanced lunch that meets the MyPlate nutrition guidlelines. Food ideas and suggestions for creating a healthy well-balanced lunch for children from each of the five food groups. Lunchbox ideas from the food groups of My Plate.

Back To School Healthy Snacks For The Lunchbox

Back to school lunchbox treats for children. Tips for planning healthy school snacks for children.

Healthy Snack Foods For Children Organized By Food Groups

List of healthy snack foods for children organized by food groups. Find ideas for snacks based on each of the food groups that meet the My Plate food guidelines.
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