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Healthy Breakfast Foods For Children Organized By Food Groups

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Feb 14, 2012

Making a healthy breakfast is important for a good start to the day.  

Make sure you have foods from at least 3-4 food groups.  If you can get in all five food groups for a balanced meal - that is the best.  My Plate shows us to fill up half the plate with fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables are key at each meal and most children don't get enough.  So you may need to use a little creativity, but vegetables can be served on the side with a dip, mixed with eggs, added to smoothies or served over brown rice!

Here is a list of foods to pack for lunch breakfast by food groups. This list is created from traditional breakfast food items but  eating leftovers for breakfast and other foods is fine too.  
balanced breakfast five food groups
The key is for children to eat breakfast every morning and to include healthy foods from 3-4 of the food groups.

Breakfast Meal Ideas And The Five Food Groups

Breakfast Meals Vegetable Fruit Grains Dairy Protein
Whole grain cereal with fruit and lowfat milk and side of crunchy vegetables crunchy vegetables fruit whole grain cereal lowfat milk  
Oatmeal with raisins and low fat milk and handful of nuts   raisins oatmeal lowfat milk nuts
Waffles, turkey bacon and 100% fruit juice   fruit juice waffles   turkey bacon
Bagel with cheese and slice of ham with lettuce and tomatoes lettuce and tomatoes   bagel cheese slice of ham
Breakfast burrito: scrambled eggs, cheese and veggies wrapped in a flour tortilla veggies   flour tortilla cheese scrambled eggs
Grilled cheese sandwich and 100% fruit juice   fruit juice whole grains toast cheese  
Turkey sandwich and a cup of low fat milk     whole grains toast lowfat milk lean turkey
Rice bowl with chicken and vegetables on top vegetables   rice lowfat milk chicken
Breakfast smoothie with fruit, carrots and yogurt carrots fruit   lowfat yogurt  
Whole grain muffin, milk and bowl of fruit   fruit whole grain muffin lowfat milk  
Nut butter toast, slce of fruit and glass of milk   fruit   lowfat milk nut butter or soy butter
Fruit parfait   fruit granola lowfat yogurt seeds
Poached egg, tomato with english muffin tomato, celery    english muffin   poached egg
Egg with baked potatoes, pepper and onions, toast and milk baked potatoes, pepper and onions   whole grains toast lowfat milk egg



Healthy Foods To Serve For Breakfast:

You can see that as you mix and match, you can easily make a breakfast made up of the three to four food groups!
Vegetable Group Fruit Group Grains Group Dairy Group Protein Group 
low sodium tomato juice mixed fruit bran cereal low fat or skim milk boiled egg
salsa 100% fruit juice oatmeal slice of lowfat cubed cheese scrambled egg
sliced tomato sliced apples whole grain bagel mozzarella cheese poached egg
baked potato slices a small banana whole wheat waffles low fat sliced cheese handful of chopped nuts
carrots (add to muffin recipe or smoothie) handful of raisins tortilla cottage cheese peanut butter
spinach (in scrambled eggs) raspberries cereal - 5 gm of fiber lowfat or fat-free yogurt soy butter
sweet potato melon balls whole wheat toast fortified soy milk lowfat or skim nut butter
mushrooms sliced peaches whole grains pancake fortified lactose free milk lowfat or skim ham slice
zucchini sticks stawberries crackers   beans
cubed baked pumpkin blackberries whole wheat pita   tofu scramble
broccoli trees blueberries whole wheat english muffins   diced seeds (added to cereals)
stir fry veggies orange whole grain french toast  


lean turkey sausage patty

  slice of pineapple brown rice   lean turkey sausage link
        lean turkey bacon








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Written by Maggie LaBarberaWritten on Feb 14, 2012Last updated on Aug 31, 2014




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