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Nourish Interactive partners with organizations that have a shared vision and commitment towards early nutrition education for children. We believe the best way to promote healthy eating habits in children and families is through active collaboration. We work with our partners to reach out to families to provide learning opportunities and resources that are fun and engaging.

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Meet Our Partners:


Camp Fire USA


Camp Fire USA builds caring, confident youth and future leaders. Camp Fire USA provides all-inclusive, coeducational programs, providing nearly 22 million program hours each year, in hundreds of communities across the United States. Local councils provide a variety of settings to help strengthen the bond between youth and families, and helping them achieve healthier lifestyles.

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Core5 After School Clearinghouse

Supporting-Partner-Healthy-Kids-Partner-Core5 Clearninghouse

The Core5 After School Clearinghouse website is an educational clearinghouse designed to provide FREE and easy access to activities, web links, videos, resources, and research for educators, after school directors, parents, faith-based groups, and youth organizations in their work with kids ages 5-12. The goals of Core5 After School Clearinghouse is to become the most comprehensive internet-based FREE resource of information to help after school programs maximize their success by focusing on the Core5 components of Fitness, Nutrition, Character, Academic Enrichment and Parent Involvement.

Educators and parents are encouraged to register for free today to access the array of assets in the Member’s Area to supplement efforts to help kids prepare for the test of life and not just what at times seems like a life of tests. Leaders in education, after school and child development are encouraged to submit activities, videos and resources related to fitness, nutrition, character development, academic enrichment and parent involvement. 

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Every Child Healthy

every child healthy wellness for kids program

The vision of Every Child Healthy™ is to educate, empower and encourage parents and children to reduce the national and global obesity rate by acting responsibly with regards to their health and well being. Every Child Healthy™ leads individuals, families, Children, Teens and Tweens and communities to become “alive and well”. Our educational programs teach children how to be prepared, capable and committed to make a positive impact on themselves, their families and our planet by surmounting challenges and availing themselves of opportunities.

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Healthy Kids Challenge


Healthy Kids Challenge (HKC), a nationally recognized nonprofit, helps school, community, and health leaders take action for kids to eat, move, and enjoy a healthy balance. Created by registered dietitians, Healthy Kids Challenge offers solutions through workshops, distance assistance for school wellness councils, nutrition education events, toolkits and curriculum, a website, newsletters and programming. Six healthy eating and active play practices make teaching and learning simple and fun.

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Healthy Monday


Healthy Monday is a non-profit public health organization founded in 2005 in association with Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and Syracuse University. Our goal is to end chronic preventable disease in the U.S. by offering people and organizations a weekly prompt to start and sustain healthy behaviors, intentions, actions and initiatives.

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Meatless Monday


Diets high in saturated fat, found mainly in meat and high-fat dairy products, increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. What's more, a high-fat diet may increase the risk of certain types of cancer. These "lifestyle diseases" are killing Americans and in 80-90% of cases, deaths are preventable. Our goal is to help Americans reduce consumption of saturated fat to 15% by 2010. That works out to eliminating saturated fat one day a week.

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The Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans. Toward this goal, the Center focuses its efforts on two primary objectives:
Advance and promote dietary guidance for all Americans, and
Conduct applied research and analyses in nutrition and consumer economics.

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National Summer Learning Association


The vision of the National Summer Learning Association is for every child to be safe, healthy, and engaged in learning during the summer. To realize that vision, our mission is to connect and equip schools and community organizations to deliver quality summer learning programs to our nation’s youth to help close the achievement gap.

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US Potato Board


The United States Potato Board (USPB) is the nation’s potato marketing and research organization.  Based in Denver, Colorado, the USPB represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the country. The USPB was established in 1971 by a group of potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. Today, as the largest vegetable commodity board, the USPB is proud to be recognized as an innovator in the produce industry. 

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Slow Food USA


Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

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The Kids Can Cook

kids can cook-logo-healthy-families-kids-nutrition

The Kids Cook Monday initiative encourages families to set aside the first night of every week for cooking and eating together as a family. provides examples of family friendly recipes and video demonstrations along with a free starter family dinner toolkit- making it easy for families to cook and eat together every Monday.

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Whyzz supports parents with a database of easy-to-understand answers to young kids' questions, and advice on how and when to talk to children about difficult topics. With endless topics from nature to sports to human body and more, whyzz provides parents with accurate answers in kid-friendly terms, and helps to highlight the deeper meaning and greater purpose for the what's why's and how's of our wonderful world.

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