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Our Audience at are engaged web-savvy families with children age 3 thru 12 years that look for sites, products and services which support family children's health, wellness, healthy food and lifestyle choices. The site reaches parents/moms, teachers, and health care professionals who are seeking innovative ways to teach kids about nutrition with the goal of promoting healthy eating habits, fitness, weight management, and preventing childhood obesity. We are very proud to share our Showcase page of national and local organizations, teachers and governmental websites that link to us and share our resources with their members. You may also want to read our Visitor Comments and hear firsthand what our members say about

Nourish Interactive’s Visitor Profile: Adult Visitor Demographicsii:

  • Women 91%
  • Age 25-54 years old
Parents Rate Childhood Obesity as
Number One Concern 2008 national polli
Reasons listed for visiting Nourish Interactive:
  • 43% wanted their child to learn about nutrition
  • 34% was looking for educational websites for their child
  • 46% wanted to learn more about
  • nutrition
Website traffic statsiii:
  • 955,917 monthly page views
  • 151,733 monthly visits
  • 6.3 pages per visit
  • 29,220+ website subscribers
  • 8930+ educational & health organizations
“I found Nourish Interactive very educational. I started out trying it myself but as soon as my 8 year old daughter came around the corner and heard and saw what i was doing she had to have a piece of the action...We try to eat health but we all lead busy lives around here and its not easy to do. Being only 8 years old was helping her to learn how to eat healthy. The other games were fun too. Thanks” Pattycakes21959, Michigan
i C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital’s National Poll on Children’s Health, 2008
ii BzzAgent Survey Report, April 2008
iii Google Analytics, March 2011


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