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How Our Games Teach Nutrition, the Food Pyramid, and Healthy Eating Habits


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Each computer game is designed with a balance between learning objectives and the entertainment value.  We consider both to be equally important.  Game rules, challenges, interactions and obstacles are carefully planned to work together to help the child learn the healthy content.  


Game Design and Objectives

Using computer games to teach children about an important subject is a great way to keep kids engaged with nutrition.  This means that kids can learn and have fun at the same time.  The goal is to engage them so they are interested and ready to learn the information.

Some games are designed to introduce and reinforce a healthy message and other games are designed to help the child see how to model and incorporate that behavior into their every day lives.

We use audio support for younger children who are just learning to read.  Other games require reading skills in order to play.  


Types of Games Used To Introduce and Teach Nutrition

We use a variety of game genres to keep a child engaged during the learning process.  healthy foods for kids game
They may have to use either problem solving skills, learn nutrition information in order to advance through the game successfully.   Kids will use the keyboard and the mouse in order to move and manipulate objects withing the game. Our games include:
  • puzzles
  • sorting activities
  • adventure
  • arcade
  • action
  • trivia
  • multiple choice

Our team, instructional designers, educators and dietitians work together to introduce the content during play and then reinforce the healthy message throughout the game.  Meet our team!

Each game focuses on one or two key learning objectives so that children can more easily retain the information without getting overwhelmed with too many healthy messages.  


Supporting Resources and Materials

To help you use the game fully as part of your nutrition and fitness program, we have provided more resources to reinforce the games.  For your convenience, each game has associated lesson plans and worksheets.


Visit the lesson plan section.

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