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Eating Out Restaurant and Fast Food Guide









Nourishing Advice for a Healthy Family

Eating out is a reality for most families.  In fact, with busy schedules and working parents, "eating out" has been coined the new "eating in."  If you can't cook at home, there are ways to help children and your family make healthier choices in restaurants.  


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Parents Guide To Ordering Healthier Portion Sizes When Eating Out

Eating out is a family treat. Children enjoy the change in routine and it can be a welcomed break from a very busy day. Guide children to choose healthier portion sizes when eating out in a restaurant.

Eating Fast Foods…The Healthy Way

Teach kids how to eat fast foods the healthier way. Eating out is a family experience that chidlren really enjoy but it does not have to be an unhealthy event. This article shares tips for teaching children to make healthier food choices while eating out.

Car-Friendly Healthy Snacks for Family Vacations

During the summer, many families are on the go with vacations and road trips, which can lead to more fast food, less fresh food,and mindless munching on chips and candy. While you can't always control meal options on the road, you can control snacks. Check out these 25 car-friendly healthy snacks for family vacations!

Parents Guide To Bring Food Home From Restaurants Germ-Free

Did you just eat out and are taking leftovers home? Make sure your leftovers are not accummulating bacteria with these food safety tips from our registered nurse.
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