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Food Games that Promote Healthy Balanced Meals


Kids will learn about creating balanced meals at the grocery store and at home with our fun interactive online games!

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Bon Appetite Arcade

Kids will have fun with our “aim your fork” arcade game. To play, kids have to collect one food from each of the food groups and create a balanced meal. Let’s see how many plates of food they can make before the time runs out. Each plate of food has to have one food from each of the food groups!






Chef Solus Cooking Academy Game

A virtual cooking class where children read a recipe and virtually add, mix, cook and decorate pancakes. To score an “A” in cooking class, children must follow the directions and choose healthier substitutions for a few items in the recipe. Kids must know basic measurements - cup, tablespoon and teaspoon.


See the nutrition game Chef Cooking Game



Kevin's Build a Meal Game: (Kids Virtual Meal Planner)

Kids make a customized meal plan based on the USDA guidelines. The child will need to enter their age, gender and activity level (this has audio and “game help” if they need more guidance). Based on their information they are given their required calories and the servings by food group their body requires for a healthy balanced meal.
Kids go into a kitchen, cafeteria and grocery store and look into cabinets and open drawers to find the foods. Kevin will judge their meal and see how well they did making a healthy meal that has the right amount of servings from each of the food groups!

See the nutrition game Build a Meal Game 

Nutrient Machine Madness

This is a fun game that promotes healthy foods to children high in certain vitamin and minerals.  Children are given a specific nutrient and a list of foods that are high in that vitamin or mineral.  Kids must beat the clock as they find the foods high in the nutrient required by the machine.  Children learn about healthy foods and begin to associate vitamins and minerals with foods from the food groups.


See the nutrition game Nutrient Machine Madness 


Pyramid Panic Arcade

A fun arcade game that requires creating a balanced meal in order to score points. Kids will make Chef Solus jump, run and dodge the fatty foods and sugary foods while he tries to gather the foods from each of the food groups to make a balanced meal

See the nutrition game Pyramid Panic Arcade 

Talking Food Label

We bring the food label to life with our talking food label game. As the child scrolls over different parts of the food label, Chef Solus talks (along with written text) and begins to teach the child about the various parts of the food label. Then kids can take a quiz where they go into a virtual grocery store and select two food items. The associated food labels pop up and then they are asked a few questions where the child will compare 2-3 food labels. If they get enough answers right, they will see the food label turn into a roller coaster and ride the food label!




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