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Share Your Feedback and Ideas on our Ratings and Comments Feature


Let us know what you think!  We value your opinion and it also helps us know where we need to improve.

Chef Solus Apples Rating Feature

As a member of Nourish Interactive, we want to know the features, pages, tools and games that you like most.

Now with our quick rating system, with one click, you can easily let us know which pages are your favorites and not so favorites.  This feedback helps us focus our development efforts on the content that you are most interested in.

On the top of each page, you will see our quick apple rating system.  

Click on the number of apples you think the page deserves.

  • 5 apples is our highest rating
  • 1 apple is our lowest rating


Share Your Comments

As a member, we invite you to share your comments, ideas, suggestions and tips on the pages that you visit.  We read all comments and will respond to them when we see questions or clarifications that need answers.  We want to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback because it is so important to us.  We know your time is valuable and we want you to know that we do review all comments with our team and use them to help us improve our features.  

You may wonder why we don't let everyone who visits comment.  We do value all feedback but we don't want spam or in appropriate comments being left on the website.  This is one way to block spammers by requiring a log in order to comment.

However, anyone can use our "Contact Us" page to send us their valuable feedback.

There is two convenient ways to leave a comment on a page:

1.  To the right of the apple rating system, is a quick link to the comment section.

2.  At the bottom of the page, on the right side, there is an action link "Add Comment".

A box will open up and you can leave your comment.

Once you submit your comment, it will appear on the page.

Inappropriate Comments

Although we have tried to take safeguards against inappropriate comments, they can happen.  If you see a comment that you believe is inappropriate for the website, just click on the little grey flag that appears as you scroll over the comment.  Click on the flag and the comment will be automatically removed from the site until it is reviewed.  

If you accidentally clicked on the flag, don't worry, it does not delete the comment.  It just requires our QA team to review it.  If it is not in violation of our terms and conditions policy, we will release it and it will appear back in its original spot on the page.

We will not remove a comment that criticizes the website, as long as it is respectful.  We know we can always improve and we welcome your feedback.

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