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We have brought the USDA Food Pyramid, food groups, balanced meals, healthy eating and exercising to life through fun interactive, nutrition games. Each of our games work together to promote healthy living to kids while they are young and still forming their habits.
We keep nutrition concepts simple designing each game to introduce and reinforce one or two key nutrition or exercise message. Our goal is to create a positive learning experience for elementary school children so that they will want to learn about nutrition. 
Below you will find the games listed by the nutrition topic they teach.  

We have new games developed every year so make sure you have signed up for our free updates!

All games have been professionally translated in Spanish and available in their spanish version.

My Plate - My Pyramid Food Groups Games

These games help children learn about the five different food groups and the foods that comprise those food groups.  All our games were designed based on the USDA Food Guidelines.  For children to be healthy and get all the nutrients their body needs, they need foods from each of the food groups.  We use the MyPlate as part of a fun story for children that helps them learn about each of the food groups.  We keep our messages positive and fun.

Read more about each Food Group Games


7 Level Online Video Game 

Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game

online video food pyramid gameExplore A Mysterious Ancient Pyramid

This is our interactive, most popular game that teaches kids about each of the food groups, creating balanced meals and the importance of daily exercise.  Although you will find this game listed in our Food Groups Game category, the game has much more features we want to share with you.  So we created a special page to showcase all the special features we have developed for this game!  

This game requires a free login to play so that that system can save the players' location, points and test scores.  

The game has seven levels of play.  Learn more about the Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure Game.

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MyPlate Games That Teach Children To Create Balanced Meals

These game teach children about a healthy balanced meal.  We use the MyPlate to help children see what a healthy plate looks like and how it is comprised of foods from all the food groups.  To win these games, children will need to put healthy foods on their plate, dodge fatty, sugary foods and cook a delicious healthy meal.

Read more about each Balanced Meals Games

Games That Deliver Healthy Messages

We have a mix of talking games and stories to help promote healthy habits to children. We know kids learn through stories and we have lots of them.  Chef Solus and his kid explorers help children learn about healthy choices and healthy living through storytelling and positive messages.  We bring the message to life with our Tip Top Tales! 
Tip Top Tales make great bedtime stories, classroom reading assignments or afterschool activities.
Read more about each Healthy Messages Stories and Talking Games:

Word Games That Teach Children Nutrition And Fitness Vocabulary

We wouldn't be a nutrition education website without some vocabulary fun!  We even have a nutrition dictionary that has clever and very cute animations along with an audio of each word.  We help kids see that nutrition and fitness is very interesting.

Read more about each Fitness Vocabulary Games

Coming Soon...  A special section dedicated just for preschoolers.  You have been asking for this and we can't wait to launch it. Games designed specifically for the preschool child along with associated teacher and parent sections!  

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