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Guest Bloggers for Nourish Interactive Inc


Thank you for interest in blogging for us.   We do accept guest bloggers.  We only accept blogs that meet our standards by creating quality content that speaks in a positive and supportive way to parents.   


Blog Content Requirement:

We welcome guest bloggers with experience in nutrition for children, family nutrition and family health to share their expertise with our over 300,000 unique visitors.  Our readers are always interested in the latest news regarding children and family health!

Your blog must be unique and exclusive content for Nourish Interactive.

Your blog should cover one specific topic in nutrition or activity for children  with a positive tone and specific tips or actions.


Review Process

Our blogs are reviewed by one of clinical experts.  It usually takes 1-2 weeks for guest blogs to go through our approval process.


Why Blogs May Be Rejected:

There are times where we must reject a blog that was submitted.  We will notify you if your blog was not approved.

Guest blogs can be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • it was too negative for talking with parents.  We try to always be supportive and understanding of parents and children' habits.  
  • Your blog had an inappropriate link, for example referring a parent to a diet website
  • The advice you provided was too general or the topic you wrote about was recently written about.
  • The topic was not appropriate for our audience.


Outbound Links Requests:

Please let us know what outbound link you will be requesting as this has to be pre-approved because we are a family website. 

For free guest blogs we only allow 1 outbound link to non profit, governmental or credible resources or to your direct blog page.

If this is a for profit corporation, then we accept articles with 1 links for a paid fee of $50 because essentially this is advertising and we follow the Google guidelines for adverts.  Links will stay active for one year.


Submit Your Blog

It is easy to submit your blog.  Once you have written it, simply click here to submit to our team for review.  Don't forget to attach your article! 


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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