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Teaching Kids Nutrition And Fitness Resources Tips and Tools Section


We are all aware of the importance of early nutrition education especially in light of the growing problem of childhood obesity and its impact to the healthcare and educational system.

We are here to support the wonderful work you do every day with children.  Whether you are a teacher incorporating nutrition into your classroom instruction, an afterschool program promoting healthy choices or a clinically-based program working to help change children's behavior, we have materials and games that are designed to supplement and reinforce your program.
We are a team of nurses and dietitians who believe strongly that children need to learn healthy habits while they are younger.  But to teach children, you have to get their interest and grab their attention.  


Make A Pledge to Help Kids Eat Healthier.

As we get ready for National Nutrition Month®, join us in completing one simple goal each week to help your students make healthier choices.

How to participate?  Easy!

1.  Just sign your name to show your support for this week's goal.  Sign your name now.

2.  You are automatically entered in our weekly giveaway.  

3.  Download these exclusive healthy tip sheets to  hand out to parents.

Every pledge will receive our special "Chef Solus New Tip Sheets".  Our way of saying "thank you" for your support.  Every pledge will be entered in a weekly drawing for healthy products (value $30-50)

Make a Pledge Today!


This Month's Special Features For Teachers


Help kids learn about how to keep their heart healthy with our fun printable worksheets.
These are printables that promote healthy heart but do not carry a Valentine's Day theme. 
It that time again and Valentine's Day is a great way to get kids focused on a healthy heart!  Our Valentine's Day printable worksheets promote daily activity and exercise for the heart, eating more high fiber and low fat foods.   See all our Valentine Printable Worksheets
Beautifully illustrated storybook in English and Spanish. Cute story about a broccoli gone mad because the kids won't eat him. See how Chef Solus gets the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. Recipe included! Perfect for storytime, reading class and nutrition. Making nutrition fun for kids to learn about in the classroom!
School and organization bulk purchase discounts are available.  More Information
New Farm to Table Potato Coloring Book                                                            
New Recipe Cards For Kids with Kid Friendly recipes!
Use our already filled in with healthy daily tips for kids and families
Kids and families can create their own healthy tips
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