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To Your Health: Planning Healthy Goals for the Entire Family

Anne Kolker • MS, Registered Dietitian • Jan 01, 2010

There is a lot of work that goes into keeping a family healthy. Just keeping track of the annual pediatric check ups, the dentist appointments every 6 months, and maybe even a trip to the optometrist is a job in itself. If you have added in an after-school activity such as swim lessons or basketball, it’s no wonder it may feels like there is little time for setting healthy goals for kids and the family. 
But goals are a great opportunity to help kids learn the importance of healthier food choices and being active by encouraging kids to set healthy goals!  Make planning healthy goals a family discussion.  Kids need to be part of the discussion so that they feel involved and will feel more committed to working on the healthy goal.

Planning to set healthy goals with children

Setting healthy family goals can be a fun family event. Yes, a fun event! By making it a special event, you build ex-
citement and anticipation with the kids. This will help them look forward to discussing healthier food choices and physical activity.
  • During a family meal, discuss the reason for healthy goals.
  • Talk about how doing healthy activities keeps our body feeling great and growing strong.
  • Encourage the kids to talk about their ideas about being healthy.
  • Set a family date and time when you will have “Healthy Goals” night for the family.
  • Discuss how important each person ideas are to helping the family pick a healthy goal.
  • Ask each family member to think of healthy goals for the family and one for themselves.


The most important first step to changing family habits is to keep it positive and include everyone in the discussion.  
Happy Goal Setting!








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Written by Anne KolkerWritten on Jan 01, 2010Last updated on Jan 31, 2016


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Sunday, Sep 23, 2012 @ 12:08 PM

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Helping your kids make healthy food choices has become a lot more difficult since the push to reduce fat in their diets. It is in fact sugar that is causing the alarming obesity problem. High Fructose Corn Syrup is in almost everything, not just the stuff you normally think of as sweet. It is a poison. Dr. Lustig a doctor who specializes in childhood obesity has a video recording out of a study he did on how HFCS is affecting our kids. You can see that, and my rant on why you shouldn't give your kids soda (or drink it yourself) over at

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