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December Family Tips

  1. Decorate the table with the colors from veggies and fruits.
  2. Use snack time to add another half serving of fruit or vegetables.
  3. Be patient and positive when encouraging children to eat their fruits and veggies.
  4. Teach your children about healthy foods from all the different food groups.
  5. At a party or holiday event, indulge in your one favorite food. Take small portions of everything else.
  6. Try eating meatless meals on Mondays this December.
  7. This busy holiday season, try to get kids to bed for a full night sleep.
  8. Keep your teeth extra happy this holiday and remember to brush them after meals.
  9. Play a word game and keep your family's mind sharp! Try and have kids name a fruit or vegetable that begins with each letter of the word Christmas?
  10. Kids can take up to 12 times of exposure to a certain food before they will try it.
  11. Help your kids write a letter to Santa and mail it to the North Pole. Use our fun holiday fruits and vegetables stationary!
  12. Mrs Claus always makes a healthy breakfast for Santa. Start your child's day with a healthy breakfast with foods from at least 4 of the food groups.
  13. Plan for Christmas TV specials! Set a goal to watch TV no more than 2 hours a day
  14. Taking the kids shopping, increase activity by taking stairs instead of the escalator or elevators
  15. Shoot hoops with the kids for some fun activity- instead of using the word horse use the word Santa.
  16. The elves keep warm at the North Pole by exercising for 60 minutes every day. Teach kids to be like an elf and get moving!
  17. Go to the grocery store or farmers market and pick out a new red or green fruit and vegetable to try for this year's holiday meal.
  18. Reindeers love to eat lots of orange vegetables like carrots. It helps them see at night. Add an orange vegetable to your child's lunch or dinner!
  19. Some of the best gifts are free. Make a special gift of your time for a loved one. Just print the Gift of Time coupons and fill in a special activity!
  20. Are you baking some special holiday sweets? Try adding some raisins, nuts or bran for a healthier treat.
  21. Turn off the TV and enjoy your meals as a family this holiday season.
  22. Bundle up, grab a flashlight and take a family walk to look at holiday lights together.
  23. Decorate your plate with the color of Christmas, add lots of green and red vegetables.
  24. Teach kids to enjoy their Christmas cookies with a glass of low-fat or nonfat milk.
  25. Remind kids that a healthy holiday meal includes food from all the food groups! Merry Christmas!
  26. Find a family activity and have fun!
  27. Children are more accepting of a new food if they've learned about it first.
  28. Use small amounts of high salt ingredients such as soy sauce or chicken broth. Add water to dilute the amount.
  29. Kids learn from their parents’ habits. Be a great role model for healthy eating.
  30. Snacking is the opportunity to add more servings of healthy foods from the food groups.
  31. Take stock of last year and resolve to do better, love more and live healthier.




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