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August Family Tips

  1. Giving your child sweets when they feel sad or as a special treat can teach your child to eat when he or she is not hungry.
  2. Omega 3 fat is good for your heart and brain.
  3. During hot weather, don't forget to give your child plenty of water to drink.
  4. At restaurants, say no to the bread and the chips.
  5. High fiber foods include beans, whole grain breads and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Good dental care starts early.
  7. Consider a rolling backpack for kids. This type of backpack may be a good choice for students who must tote a heavy load.
  8. For those extra hot summer days plan for indoor activities such as bowling, lazer tag, or roller skating at a local rink. Even try at home video games such as Dance, Dance Revolution or the Wii fit.
  9. Walk to the nearest parks where they have jungle gyms. You might even want to try going down the slide with your kids.
  10. After dinner, teach kids to do a fun activity that will burn some calories like a set of jumping jacks.
  11. Cooking Tip: To save calories, use applesauce in place of oil (1 to 1 ratio) when baking.
  12. Most restaurant entrees are enough for two people to eat. Order the regular size and split the order and share it.
  13. Most kids eat too much salt. Keep the salt shaker off the table.
  14. Add slices of lemon or squeeze a little bit of fresh orange juice to add some flavor.
  15. When planning an outing to the zoo or park, pack up washed nectarines, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and water.
  16. Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy oils.
  17. Teach your kids portion sizes by using their hand.
  18. Watch out for these high fat words: battered, bottomless, breaded, buttery, cheesy, creamy, crispy and fried.
  19. Raspberries and blackberries have only 60 calories in one cup and are both excellent sources of fiber.
  20. Wean your child off of whole milk to 2% and then to 1% or fat free.
  21. Set reasonable limits for the start and end of a meal time.
  22. Healthy lunches have at least 3-4 of the food groups that means including fruits and vegetables.
  23. Avoid foods that have sugar or high fructose sugar as the first ingredient.
  24. Forcing your child to finish their plate may cause your child to ignore body signals of fullness and overeat.
  25. Researchers believe children burn about half as many calories in the winter as they do in the summer.
  26. Smiling is a great stress reducer.
  27. Peanuts, whole grapes, popcorn, hot dogs, candy, carrots, and sunflower seeds can be chocking hazards for young children.
  28. By the time a child feels thirsty, their mental performance may have deteriorated by 10%.
  29. Soluable fiber helps lower your cholesterol.
  30. Bring healthy snacks like fruit cups, raisins, celery with peanut butter, low fat cheese and crackers or trail mix in baggies.
  31. Teach children to always remain in clear view of the bus driver.




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