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June Family Tips

  1. Apply sunscreen on your child daily.
  2. Show your kids the many varieties of melons and try a different one each week.
  3. Snack on dried fruits such as apricots, figs or raisins.
  4. Build healthy habits from their favoritie activities.
  5. Plan the week's meals with the help of your kids.
  6. Talk about your healthy summer goals during meal time.
  7. Keep nutritious, wholesome foods in the house for a quick summer snack.
  8. Washing hands is the number 1 way to prevent getting sick. Teach your children to always wash their hands.
  9. Celebrate an outdoor festival. Look in your local newspaper for activities planned for kids.
  10. Start the day with a family stroll around the block.
  11. Try substituting and using long grain, brown rice or whole-wheat pasta instead of white rice.
  12. Eat together as a family for at least one meal a day. Change it up and try a picnic for dinner.
  13. Commercials offer an opportunity to be active. Have your kids do some jumping jacks during the breaks.
  14. Food labels are a great way to learn how some foods are better for you than others.
  15. Don’t make your child clean their plate. Kids, especially under five, have a good sense of their hunger.
  16. Celebrate Father's Day with a healthy but fun outdoor picnic.
  17. Make sure to slice grapes for children under 4 to avoid choking hazards.
  18. If your child isn’t hungry at dinner, you may need to move snack time to at least 2 hours prior to the evening meal.
  19. Look for fun recipes to serve vegetables to your family. Involve the kids in finding a fun recipe.
  20. Plan healthy meals that can be made quickly on days when you are extra busy.
  21. Choose baked chips or pretzels instead of regular potato chips.
  22. Schedule your child for bi-annual dental appointments to keep their teeth healthy.
  23. Before going to the festival, eat breakfast and plan your lunch.
  24. Kids love to eat food on a stick. Have them help you prep a fruit kebob.
  25. Meat quality can be affected when thawing in the microwave, but this is an acceptable way to defrost meat.
  26. Involve the kids in finding a fun recipe.
  27. A pomegranate is high in vitamin C and potassium.
  28. A trip to the beach or lake is always a fun activity.
  29. Add some color to your salad with seasonal fruits.
  30. Take a trip to the farmers market and choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are firm, ripe and unblemished.




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