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November Family Tips

  1. Avoid bacteria by buying foods that need to be refrigerated last when you are grocery shopping.
  2. Defrost meat in the refrigerator is a good food safety practice.
  3. Scrub the cantaloupe before slicing into it to prevent bacteria contamination.
  4. If lunches are made at home the night before, keep them in the refrigerator until it’s time to go. Make sure the refrigerator is 40° F or below at all times and use an appliance thermometer to check the temperature.
  5. Parsnips look like white carrots. They are sweet and are a good source of fiber. Try them this fall; eat them raw on salads or bake them in the oven like fries.
  6. Indoor workouts can help keep your family fit through winter and present an opportunity to try new exercises.
  7. Use a separate cutting board when slicing meat and vegetables to prevent cross contamination of bacteria.
  8. While shopping for food, check out the sell by dates to make sure they are current.
  9. Make sure your child knows to throw out all used food packaging and perishable leftovers. Do not reuse plastic bags as they could contaminate other foods leading to foodborne illness.
  10. Use an insulated soft-sided bag if possible. It’s best for keeping food cold.
  11. When cooking eggs make sure the yolk and white are firm, not runny.
  12. Put all leftovers into the refrigerator.
  13. Use paper towels to clean the kitchen surfaces instead of a dish towel.
  14. Praise children when they are active. Show your kids the importance of exercise.
  15. Keep a physical activity chart on your refrigerator to encourage kids to be active every day.
  16. Keep an eye on cholesterol by reading the food labels.
  17. Let the kids enjoy pomegranates this fall.
  18. If you child is not into sports, it's best not to pressure them. There are many other activities they can choose from that are not competitive.
  19. Make gravy with broth this year. Traditional gravies with turkey drippings are high in calories and fat.
  20. Make holiday cooking healthier by making a few adjustments to the recipe.
  21. Cut 100% whole wheat bread into fun shapes with cookie cutters for your child's sandwich.
  22. Add a few extra fruits and vegetables to those holiday recipes and increase the vitamins and minerals your child will be eating.
  23. Teach kids to eat slowly and savor their food.
  24. Try using nonstick spray instead of butter or oil when greasing the baking pans.
  25. Holiday season can be very hectic. Stay active. Don’t mistake being busy for being active. You still need 60-90 minutes of exercise each day.
  26. Remember that it is never too late to start a routine family dinner. Just find an appropriate time that works best for your family.
  27. Children like things that are familiar. Repeat favorite activities often, adding slight variations.
  28. Take your children to the grocery store to help you shop for food. Have them choose one new fruit or vegetable to try each week.
  29. Cut out pancakes with cookie cutters and decorate them with fruit, nuts and yogurt.
  30. Black beans are a better choice because they have less fat than refried beans




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