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October Family Tips

  1. This month is Healthy Family Month. Build healthy habits together as a family this winter.
  2. Teach children to respect traffic lights and stop signs.
  3. Spend quality family time together by cooking together.
  4. Healthy oils come from fish, nuts, and liquid oils like grape seed, olive oil, avocado and hemp oil.
  5. Eating together at the table as a family is the one of the most important activity you can do for your kids.
  6. Be sure your family fuels up with a healthy breakfast everyday.
  7. You don’t need a gym to be active. Go for a brisk family walk.
  8. Try to keep family meals fun. Include children in the meal preparation and in the decision about what foods will be offered for dinner. Children feel important if they contribute to family meals.
  9. Hiking can add excitement into your family's walking routine.
  10. Try bowling, the batting cage or miniature golf for some family fun.
  11. Plant an herb in a small potter with your child.
  12. Rain or sunshine, turn on your child's favorite music and dance in the living room.
  13. Have family contests: who can jump rope the longest?
  14. Teach children to always check to see that no other traffic is coming before crossing the street.
  15. Basketball is a fun activity that the whole family can do.
  16. Turn off the TV and play some family games.
  17. The greatest influence on a child’s health is their parents. The entire family needs to get up off the couch and move. Find a way to get sweaty together.
  18. Invite the neighborhood kids to play in an organized game or set up a family night with all the kids and adults.
  19. Eat at the table since it is easier to talk with each other, rather than in front of the TV
  20. Make plans to do a family activity once a week.
  21. Prioritize your time with exercise, wholesome meals and family fun.
  22. Play a simple game with the kids. Remember tag. Its fun and very active!
  23. Make a list of activities your kids like to do. Have kids pick an activity, then invite their friends! Being healthy is fun.
  24. Keep it fun. Exercise for children should be more of a game and less of a chore.
  25. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or at a playground. Use a variety of obstacles to challenge individual skills. Let the kids get creative with incorporating some of their favorite sporting equipment.
  26. Exercise can help increase your family's healthy “HDL” cholesterol.
  27. Praise your family on their commitment to be active.
  28. Go exploring outside in the backyard or nearest state park. Strike an interest by picking up some library books on nature topics to learn more about plants, insects, and birds.
  29. To get rid of the Halloween candy, offer your kids a fun outing by taking the bag of sweets to your local fire department.
  30. Instead of candy, try non-sugared Halloween treats this year.
  31. Prepare for a healthy Halloween by discussing some candy guidelines.




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