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Chef Solus List of 25 Fun Things To Do Inside The House


It's fun to turn off the TV and do other things.  But if you need some ideas for activities to do indoors, Chef Solus is happy to share some of his favorites!

Chef Solus' and kid explorers favorite things to do inside the house!


  1. Cut and paste shapes with construction paper
  2. Take turns reading a story
  3. Make shapes with playdough
  4. Color pictures
  5. Finger paint a picture
  6. Learn a musical instrument
  7. Dance to music
  8. Talk around the table and share memories
  9. Help bake a favorite dish
  10. Play Nerf Ball
  11. Put together race car tracks & race your cars
  12. Do puzzles or build with blocks, Legos or Lincoln Logs
  13. Play board games or play cards
  14. Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories
  15. Put on a play
  16. Play with puppets
  17. Make up a new family game
  18. Play Charades
  19. Learn a magic trick
  20. Decorate your room
  21. Sing songs
  22. Start a new hobby
  23. Clean out your closet and donate the extra stuff
  24. Play with your favorite toys




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