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March Family Tips

  1. Today make over your fridge and throw out the junk.
  2. Set a timer to remind kids to take an activity break away from the computer after 20 minutes.
  3. Teach your children that they need to wash their hands for 20 seconds. Have kids lather up with soap to kill bacteria.
  4. Share a story about your a favorite green veggie or fruit.
  5. Cheese is about 30 percent cheaper in the dairy isle than at the deli counter.
  6. To avoid muscle injury, teach your kids to stretch their muscles.
  7. Have your children find as many different colors of vegetables in the grocery store.
  8. Try some kiwi for a tasty green snack!
  9. Decorate your plate with the colors of the rainbow.
  10. Try some green asparagus mixed with pasta.
  11. Have the kids help plan a “lucky” menu full of greens for St Patricks Day.
  12. Make mealtime a happy time! Let your child tell about his or her day.
  13. Children who skip breakfast often mistake hunger pangs for a tummy ache.
  14. Children and teens need 1 hour of exercise each day to helps their growing bones, heart and overall health.
  15. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, and peanuts have heart healthy oil. It makes a great after school snack. One ounce if nuts is equal to one serving of meat.
  16. Have a picnic in the park.
  17. Teach kids about the lucky green vegetable.
  18. Common food that cause allergies: dairy, soy, shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, egg whites.
  19. Avoid words like “never” and “bad” with foods.
  20. Kids learn about foods during meal time.
  21. Prioritize your To-Do list to schedule family exercise and plan ahead for healthy meals.
  22. You can make French fries healthier by making baked French fries.
  23. Have kids help with chores. It is also a good physical activity for them.
  24. Be patient and positive while kids are learning about healthy foods.
  25. Choose lean meats such as chicken breast, lean ham or roast beef, instead of salami or bacon.
  26. Look for whole grain cereals and breads with at least 4 gram of fiber.
  27. The heart’s a muscle too. Give it a workout.
  28. Avoid foods with trans fat (you can find it in the food label).
  29. Sodas and sport drinks can have as much as 13 teaspoons of added sugar.
  30. Pick a recipe and talk with the kids about what is a healthy ingredient.
  31. Breakfast for lunch? Make pancakes and freeze the leftovers. You can warm them up and pack them up for a fun lunch. Scrambled eggs or a sliced boiled egg can be a hit too (remember the ice pack though).




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