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May Family Tips

  1. After a big meal, take a family walk and burn extra calories. It will also help you digest.
  2. Try not to forbid your child's favorite food. Teach children some foods are only "once in a while" foods.
  3. Help your kids eat healthier by stocking your pantry with healthy snacks high in fiber and vitamins but low in sugar and fat.
  4. Teacher's Appreciation Day. Thank your child's teachers for all the work they do to help your child learn about healthy habits.
  5. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Try whole beans for added fiber, avocado for healthy oils and salsa for low calorie seasoning!
  6. Talk to your child before ordering a meal and give them a choice of milk, 100% juice or water instead of soda.
  7. Make the backyard or front yard into an obstacle course and have a family race!
  8. Reward your child with attention and kind words, not food.
  9. Make a salad with dark green, leafy vegetables. It is another source of calcium.
  10. Fiber needs water to work!
  11. Try to arrange the fruit bowl so you have many different colors showing- make it a game.
  12. Parents are the most influential factor on their child's fitness.
  13. If you suspect a food allergy, have your child checked by a health care provider.
  14. Teach kids to read food labels and see what is really inside their foods by doing a scavenger hunt in the cupboards.
  15. Serve water when your child is thirsty.
  16. When children help create a meal, they often feel very proud and excited to taste it.
  17. Promote heart healthy foods that are low in saturated fats.
  18. High fiber diets are great to help maintain or lose weight for the whole family.
  19. Fruit juice should be limited to once a day.
  20. Exercise has even been proven to help kids sleep better and reduce stress.
  21. Introduce kids to games that teach them about being health.
  22. Serve your child smaller portion sizes at mealtime. They can always ask for more.
  23. Check out your local community recreation center for group classes for kids and adults.
  24. Look for cereals fortified in calcium
  25. Fresh squeezed orange juice is loaded with vitamin C and no extra sugar.
  26. Promote activity rather than exercise to kids.
  27. Make vegetables and fruits fun. Cut them in different shapes and let your child create faces before eating it.
  28. While canned fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals, they are lower in fiber because they are missing their skin.
  29. Broccoli is a powerhouse green veggie!
  30. Stir fried, steamed, roasted or broiled dishes are healthier choices than battered or deep-fried.
  31. Choose and prepare foods with less salt. Most adults and children consume more sodium (salt) than their body needs.



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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2020 @ 01:43 AM

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