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National Kids Eat Right Month


August is National Kids Eat Right Month!  The focus of this campaign is to spotlight healthy nutrition and active lifestyles for children and families.  August is a time, we are getting children ready to go back to school and a perfect time to get kids focused on healthier food choices and healthy habits.  This campaign is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation

The three key ways you can help children eat healthier:   

Help your child celebrate National Kids Eat Right Month!

  • Bring Children To The Grocery Store
  • Bring Kids Into The Kitchen
  • Eat Together As A Family

The best way to get your children interested in eating healthier foods is through positive interactive experiences.  Children enjoy learning when they can actively participate.  Here are some great ways to get your children involved!

1.  Shop Smart:  Have kids help:

Before you go to the grocery store, have children help create the meal plan for the week.  Get kids involved in picking the foods they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If they have input on the foods they choose, they may be more likely to eat them.  Use the five food groups as a template for creating healthy meals.  

Some meal plans to choose from:  
Meal Plans for Kids and Vegetarian Meal Plans for Kids


Have children make the grocery list.  Use our healthy grocery list that includes the five food groups.
Print Blank Grocery List by Food Groups
More parenting tips and information for the grocery store.
Family Grocery Tips For Buying The Healthiest Foods


Fun activities that promote healthy meals to kids:







Breakfast Meal activity sheets  

Lunchtime activity sheets  

Dinnertime activity sheets

My Plate activity pages


2.  Cook With Kids: Bring Kids Into The Kitchen 

Have children help prepare the meals.  There are plenty of safe, age appropriate activities for children.  When children help prepare the food, it gives them a sense of pride when the meal is served and can offer opportunities to teach children about healthy foods to cook with.  Cooking is a necessary part of healthy eating.  You always know what you put into your own meals!

Cooking With Kids - Promoting Healthy Foods

List Of Fun Cooking Ideas and Resources For Kids


Fun Cooking Activities For Kids

Grocery Shopping     
Recipe Books    
Cooking Vocabulary



3.  Eat Dinner Together as a Family

it sounds simple but yet with todays hustle and bustle schedule, many families do not eat together.  If they do, it is often distracted by the television or other device being used during mealtime.  Research has shown that eating together as a family increases children's self confidence and improves overall school performance.

Use these fun nutrition conversation cards to talk about nutrition during mealtime.







More Ideas For Getting Kids Involved


Gardening with Kids  

There are many studies that have shown the benefits of creating a garden with children.  It can be as simple as one vegetable in a potted planter on the patio.  The important factor is that children are actively growing a vegetable or fruit.  Not only will this peak their interest about fruits and vegetables but it will also provide a wonderful opportunity to learn where food comes from and why natural, unprocessed foods are so healthy.

Kids Gardening Activity, Learning and Coloring Sheets


Family Eating Goals and Contests

Setting a healthy goal is easier than you think.  Think simple and one very specific, achievable goal.    A great goal could be "eating one green vegetable at dinner time" or "reading one food label at the grocery store."  No matter what your goal is, do it together as a family.  Then track it in a public place so the whole family can see their progress.






Free Printable Healthy Agreements
Free Printable Tracking Sheets
Give your child a certificate for accomplishing their goal


More Tips For Setting Goals

To Your Health: Planning Healthy Goals for the Entire Family

Setting Healthy Goals for the Entire Family

Helping Your Family Achieve Their Health Goals

Keeping Kids Motivated With Healthy Family Goals

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