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List Of Fun Cooking Ideas and Resources For Kids

Maggie LaBarbera • RN, MBA • Jul 14, 2012

holiday eating healthy foods for children

Cooking with kids - A fun and healthy way for kids to learn about food and nutrition! 


Cooking is a wonderful way to introduce healthy foods to children. Our activities are designed to help you bring kids into the kitchen for a fun and healthy experience. Learn about healthy foods that can be substituted into recipes for delicious and nutritious meals. It also provides some great family fun! Go to our Cooking Is Fun Learning Sheets and Activity Page for a complete list of our free printable cooking fun and recipe activity sheets.

Fun Cooking with Kids Ideas   

cooking with kids fun
Make the kitchen a fun place that is inviting to children.
Here are some kids-in-the-kitchen fun ideas:
  • Get them an apron and/or a chef hat.
  • Set up a work station just for them
  • Pick one day a week as “Fun Cooking with Kids” night
  • Begin simple– start with easy kid-friendly recipes. 
  • Invite them to create a new name for the food

Cooking With Kids Resources


Kids Cooking Game

kids cooking game

Chef Solus Cooking Game

Make Healthy Substitutions and earn better scores!

Kids Print Activities

kids cooking activities and worksheets

Kids Cooking Activities Page

Free cooking worksheets, learning sheets and puzzles and more













Other Great Cooking With Kids Links


Kids Cook Monday

Jaime Oliver

Curious Chef

Kids Cook Austin with Barbara Beery

The Kids Can Cook

Kids Cook Act with Debbie Madison

Cooking Mom

Kids Culinary Adventures

Kids Recipes

Kickin Kitchen









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