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Teacher Lesson Plans - Back To School with Fruits & Vegetables

Nov 08, 2012
About this Lesson Plan
  • Subject: Health/Nutrition
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Grades: 1-3
  • Ages: 5-8
  • Reading Levels: Basic
  • Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of the My Plate or Food Pyramid

Back To School with Fruits & Vegetables 


Topic/Task Objective  Domain and Level 
Students will learn through
a cooks eyes to identify
healthy sources that create healthy and flavorful meals.
Students will be able to identify
each food component of a
recipe and write why it’s important for a healthy meal?
Critical thinking, Communication ,Collaboration, Creativity

Food Supplies

Food ingredients


Chef Hats


repeatable exercises

Nourishment Interactive guided Practice & independent practice.

Week 2: Interactive Computer

a) Chef Solus Cooking Academy

b) Going to the Grocery Store

c) Solus Library Word Games
Behavior Management Notes: 
Good Attendance, polite, organization, great attitude and respect
Staff & Volunteers - Assist Instructor in the distribution of supplies + ingredients. Refocus students, interact and guide students in discovery of new foods
Lesson Agenda
Show a video/PowerPoint- “Rainbow of Color” Ask kids to name fruits &
veggies in the video presentation.
Older Kids also watch:
5-10 MIN
Teacher will engage students in discourse about why it’s a good idea to eat
fruits and veggies? Different ways to serve & eat fruits and veggies for healthier lives
15 MIN
Veggie appetizer—“Hide Veggies In A Drink” & Egg plant/Cashew Spread
20 MIN
Red Pepper Wrap w/Cranberry delight recipe
8-10 MIN
Teacher will ask students 3  food quality questions and students will list
other fruits and veggies they could substitute which were discussed earlier.



Annotated Agenda
Time Lesson Component Led By: Description/Script What should students be doing?
4:30-4:40 Hook  
Students will watch video+identify food
components+food groups. 
If time permits; Save for Interactive lesson
Watch video and be
ready to engage with teacher

Mini Lesson/Intro to New Material

Teacher Will: Introduce students to program.
4:45-5:10 Activity 1  
Teacher will: Describe and illustrate food
components and Food group categories. Explain its importance to human body.
Students will: practice Match Colors to fruits and
veggies Activity 
Students will: Complete Chef Solus Color My Plate
Students and teacher review food groups
and why it’s important in everyday life?
5:10-5:35 Activity 2  
Instructor will: Read and demonstrate Red
Pepper Wrap recipe and present it on the plate.
Tell students it’s a simple family with lots of anti oxidants 
We do: Chef and Volunteers will distribute food
supplies and utensils to the apprentices.
Instructor + Volunteers: Assist and help kids
follow recipe directions.
Eyes on Chef Sean and Practice
making a delicious treat.
5:35-5:45 Exit Ticket/Close  
Chef Sean and Volunteers direct apprentices to
Return & clean their stations with wipes.
Volunteers distribute homework to kids. Instructor 
will Summarize or Read a story.
Students organize and prepare for story time
5:45-6pm Pack up/Dismissal  
Volunteers will collect & record Stamps in
student binders. Double check Homework is
brought home.
Students dismiss quietly


Written on Nov 08, 2012Last updated on Aug 31, 2014




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