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Chef Solus and The Explorers Learn about Fruits and Vegetables


Hi Nutrition Explorers. This month we went into the Fruits and Vegetable sections of the pyramid. This is our favorite part of the food pyramid because we find lots of different colored vegetables and fruits! And they have so many different shapes and sizes.

We have found a very large garden in these sections where fruits and vegetables were grown. They called these large gardens, farms and the people that planted the seeds and grew the fruits and vegetables were called farmers.
This ancient civilization grew their own foods to make sure that everything was fresh. They called their fresh fruits and vegetables produce. They had a celebration each month and all the farmers brought their produce to share with everyone. I reminded everyone that this was very similar to a farmer’s market. You could go with your mom and dad on the weekend and check it out. The fruits and veggies are very fresh because the farmers pick the ones that are ripe and ready to be eaten. Plus, you can talk with your local farmers and find out how they grow their foods.
Well, we are off now to find the nearest farmer’s market. Remember, have fun and keep exploring.
Fruits and Vegetables!


Play hopscotch. It is fun to jump and be active.
The largest watermelon weighed 268.8 pounds.










Have a taste testing event: Wash your hands and slice up some fruit with the help of an adult. Serve different types of pears, oranges or apples (golden delicious, pippin, granny smith, etc). Check out your senses: place a blind fold on each other and plug your nose. Can you tell the difference between an apple and a raw baked potato (by taste or texture?).





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