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My Plate-Food Pyramid

Feb 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Let's Move 4 years stong!

Congratulations to Michelle Obama and the team at Let's Move. It's been four great years and she has lead a strong campaign to raise awareness about childhood obesity. I saw an interview where she talked about how challenging it was when she fi...
Jul 08, 2013

Nourish Interactive game featured on My Plate Kids Webpage!

Have you checked out the new My Plate kids webpages. We are so honored and thrilled to have one of our games listed as a nutrition tool for children! It is featuring our kids meal planning game called "Kevin Build-a-meal" game. You will ...
Mar 09, 2012

Get Your Plate In Shape - National Nutrition Month Tips

Happy National Nutrition Month® everyone! We are continuing our celebration with more new free printables, tips and giveaways. This is such a great month to help kids "Get their Plate in Shape!" Here are some tips on how to help kid...
Mar 05, 2012

National Nutrition Month and National Breakfast Week Come Together to Get Your Childs Plate In Shape

Happy National Nutrition Month everyone! The theme this year is "Get Your Plate In Shape!" with all the healthy foods of the food groups. This is an exciting month with a great focus on healthy foods. Schools, organizations and healthcar...
Nov 28, 2011

It's Kids Cook Monday! Let's Talk about Kids in the Kitchen and Family Dinners

It's Kids Cook Monday a great day to cook with your child and take steps towards making family dinner a part of your weekly family time. We came across Kids Cook Monday's article about Making Family Meals a Weekly Ritual on the Blog for Family Dinner w...
Nov 07, 2011

How does Tomato Paste Compare to Tomatoes?

In November 2012, the congress decided to modify the school nutrition standards recommended by the USDA. One of the most controversial standards was the continuing to allow a slice of pizza to be counted as a serving of vegetable. Obviou...
Sep 26, 2011

Tips for Family Day- A Day for Enjoying Family Dinner

Today is CASA Family Day!  A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM We are sharing some of our favorite links to make it easier for busy families to celebrate and enjoy family day and have a fun dinner together!Sometimes I am asked, what is the one mos...
Sep 19, 2011

Celebrate family day with a commitment to family dinners

September 26 is National Family Day.  One of the best ways to celebrate it is to make family dinners a daily event. You are teaching your children some important healthy habits at a younger age.  Family time is so important and there are many studies ...
Sep 16, 2011

USDA key monthly message make half your plate fruits and vegetables

Keep kids focused on adding more fruits and vegetables to their plate.Benefits of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables are very high in a number of nutrients that most kids do not get enough of.—vitamins A, C and K, potassium, fiber and magnes...
Sep 12, 2011

New study shows nagging parents works

New study shows that nagging parents does work.  This is probably not a surprise for anyone that has kids!  Sometimes it is just easier to give in, especially with hectic schedules.But I found this very interesting: John Hopkins School of Public Health...
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