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How does Tomato Paste Compare to Tomatoes?

Posted on Nov 07, 2011 by Maggie LaBarbera


In November 2012, the congress decided to modify the school nutrition standards recommended by the USDA. 
One of the most controversial standards was the continuing to allow a slice of pizza to be counted as a serving of vegetable.  Obviously, pizza as a vegetable was just crazy!!  But the decision was not really about pizza but the tomato paste that is on pizza.  The standard allows 1 slice of pizza to count as a serving of vegetable if it had 1/8 cup of tomato sauce.
First question I have is:  is 1/8 cup of tomato paste equivalent to a 1/2 cup of tomatoes.  Because a 1/2 cup of tomatoes counts as a serving of vegetable.
Here is what the USDA Nutrition Database showed.
To make it easy to I created two nutrition labels, one for a 1/2 (0.5) cup of tomato (fresh and one for 1/8 (0.125) cup of tomato paste.
Now you can decide if you agree or disagree with congress based on facts.
To learn more about the nutrient requirements for children, see our new nutrient tool.  Kids have their own nutrient tool in Solusville Library!
To make it a little easier, I highlighted in green the nutrients that had differences.
nutrition facts between tomtoes and tomato paste

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